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How To Convert Scanned Pdf To Jpg in minutes

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Hello this is christy in today's tutorial i'm going to show you a very easy way well two ways actually to convert a pdf file into individual jpeg files or image files you may need that if you want to take the pages out of a pdf file and maybe post them online or send a single page to someone any other reason maybe use them in a presentation all that you can achieve with two tools one of them is online and it's free and the other one you need to have acrobat to do that but first of all why not do it for free so the first method is using the adobe acrobat website itself and this is found at this link document i will put a link in the description to the exact page where you need to go to convert the pdf so i have this pdf file here it has quite a few pages it's got 33 pages and i want to save each page exactly as it is here in my document to disk with uh in you know jpeg format you can also save in png we will see later and also tiff so go to the link in the description to document cloud i know there are many other websites out there that do this service and you're very free to use those but uh with this one you're actually using the creators of pdf and you don't have any ads so uh you know you're just using the official tool if you want so to convert a pdf file to jpegs all you have to do is go to this url you will need to log in though to use the tool and if you don't have an account...

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