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Which is harder Appalachian trail or PCT?
The PCT is harder logistically than the AT which has ample trail towns or a water supply nearly every five to eight miles. In the PCT desert, water is scarce. You need to fill up at water caches and carry more water through long, waterless stretches of the desert.
When should I start PCT?
The short answer. the most common time to hike the PCT northbound is April - September. April is a good time to start at the southern terminus in Campo, California. Most thru-hikers who finish at the northern terminus near Manning Park, British Columbia, Canada, do so in August or September.
How much should I budget for PCT?
On average it costs about $6,000 to hike the PCT. That said, the cost of your hike can easily amount to several thousand dollars higher (a common scenario) or lower (if you're disciplined and your hike is setback-free). Ask people how much they spent hiking the PCT and the answers vary.
How many miles a day on the PCT?
Most people over 10-20 miles a day, with a 16-mile-a-day average. Some days you'll walk more; some days you won't walk as much. Create a rough plan of where you'll be each week and each month, and consider the weather when planning.
How much should I save for PCT?
Most hikers report about $1,000 per month of on-trail costs, and on average hikers take five to six months to hike the PCT, so it's probably a good idea to save at least $5,000 to ensure you have enough money to complete the trail.
How long is the full PCT?
The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) is 2,650 miles (4,265 kilometers) long.
How much does PCT cost?
The average cost of a PCT thru-hike, including gear, food/resupply, and other end-to-end trail expenses, is $4,000 to $6,000 per person for an average thru-hike. That said, it's not uncommon to hear stories of some people spending close to $10,000.
Is hiking the PCT worth it?
As hard as hiking the PCT will be, it's 100% worth it. The Pacific Crest Trail is notorious for having the lowest completion rate of any long-distance trail and you'll see why when you're on it. If you're planning to hike the PCT, it takes commitment. Don't give up on yourself too quickly when the going gets tough.
How much does it cost to do the PCT?
So, Just how much money do you need to hike the Pacific Crest Trail? A thru-hike of the PCT will run you $4,000 to $7,500. Though it's certainly possible to spend more or less than this range. The average cost of a PCT thru-hike is $5,500 (not including the cost of transportation to and from the trailheads).
How long does the PCT take?
How long does a PCT thru-hike take? The trail is 2,650 miles and it generally takes the entire snow-free season to walk. That's about 5 months. Elite athletes who are experienced on the PCT have finished the trail in as little as two months.