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Mac Automator Compress Images: What You Should Know

To change the quality I use Automaton and drag the quality drop-down bar to 1. Jan 5, 2023 — How to Reduce Image Quality from ImageMagick to Photoshop using Python, using the Automaton library. Automaton works with your OSX, Windows and Linux systems. Automatic Image Resizing by Automaton. This is the solution that we will use to compress files automatically. This means all your images are automatically resized in just a few clicks, in most cases the resulting file can be significantly smaller than the original file. Why This Works: 1. The images are compressed before it is uploaded to the Internet 2. The process takes only a few seconds or minutes at most 3. The resulting file is only that small because the process itself is very fast, especially if the compression is done by Automaton 4. Using Automaton helps you reduce your file size of your images. Use the Automation to increase the image file size This can be used to increase the image file sizes (sometimes to more, or slightly less than the original file) How to Increase Image Size via Automation 1. Open Automaton and select the image file you want to increase. If you're using Automaton you will see a dialog box like  2. On this dialog, click the button in the middle () called Create Image Automation.  Automation will create an Automation for this particular image (or files). 3. Choose how much to increase the size. At the bottom you will see the total size of the image.  You can also view how much has been changed by comparing the size of the original file to the updated file.  4. Once the process is complete you will have an Automation file in the same directory as your source image. The resulting file will contain some extra features like  Image Optimization  5. The changes to the source image will be visible to you. 6. You can save or use this automation as a shortcut file. You can change the name of the automation by clicking the Edit button () next to the name on the right. You may also drag and drop it to wherever you want to apply the changes! Tips and tricks with Automation When doing image optimization use the Automation on your computer instead of your computer.

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