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Optimage: What You Should Know

This image optimization tool is ideal for websites, apps, and sharing. Opt image — Product Information, The Latest Updates, and Reviews | Easy to Use As the name might suggest, Opt image is an image compression tool for Mac. It automatically compresses images without losing quality. OptiImage-Free provides a great service by helping you to:  • Remove unwanted elements easily. Remove images, fonts, etc. Opt image: Tutorials / Features / Pricing ​ Opt image is an image compression tool to automatically remove unwanted elements, including images, fonts, etc, from your images. You can easily change the size of your images and have it be visible in any app you use.  It also provides a great way of preserving images to reduce space on your device. You can also use a tool such as Image Ninja to convert a picture into something you can use immediately or resize it.

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