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Copytrans Heic: What You Should Know

The “Image in HEIR” is the actual image that went into the HEIR file, not your images with their captions  Coltrane HEIR for Windows was recently added the following list of features: · Ability to open Heirs directly into Windows Photo Viewer · Copy/delete HEIR content · Save HEIR content to disk or directly to your clipboard · Convert Heirs to JPG using Coltrane · Read HEIR contents (extended HEIR and HEIR-JPEG) · Create a WHUP/OVER script · Open Heirs in Photoshop Viewer · Save HEIR content to disk or as RAW image I do plan to add additional features to the program in future releases, so be sure to let me know if you find some! I've tried to make the list short and simple, to make it useful rather than overwhelming. I hope this makes sense to you! Coltrane HEIR for Windows is a FREE download! Note: All HEIR images are displayed in HEIR format, rather than your photos' original source file (e.g. JPEG or PNG). This is so that you can use Windows Explorer/Photoshop to quickly view the HEIR without requiring extra software (such as Photoshop). Note: You will need Windows Photo Viewer and PhotoShop/Photoshop to view or convert Heirs. (But don't worry, the Heirs are not compressed, just in the same file format.

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