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Heic Converter: What You Should Know

And color balance between Hue and Color ● The converter is a simple and efficient process. All settings are shown in easy-to-understand graphical interface, you just drag the slider ● The converter doesn't only convert the original photo, but also a copy of the HEIR photo with the same settings ● The converter only converts the HEIR photo, no other photo can be selected. ● The converter makes the files small without altering image quality. ● All HEIR image types are supported ● This app cannot transform the HEIR photo into JPEG. ● The converter tries to select the original HEIR file, which can also be converted to JPG. The result is not the original, but the HEIR photo. The HEIR photo is not restored to its original settings, and you may lose the original photo. □ How to use the app ● Open photo in the app ● Import HEIR photo ● Export HEIR photo. □ Can be used to save HEIR to PNG, JPEG. □ Conversion time. □ Exportation time.

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