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Convert Svg To PDF Mac: What You Should Know

Use white space to break the flow of your presentation. Avoid creating your own  slides. Use existing PowerPoint slides in your content. If the slides are large, make sure they are optimized with font color,  number of lines, and margins. Remove unnecessary text and graphics within your slide. For a better viewing experience: 8 Tips for Creating Better-Looking PowerPoint Presentations 9 Tips for Making Beautiful PowerPoint Presentations Layout to Your Advantage. Most Western languages read left to right, top to bottom. No Sentence.  Follow the 6×6 Rule. • Stick to 30-40pt font size with a 2 pt margin. • Avoid excessive graphics (3 to 4 or more lines). • Keep the images simple; use a clear white background. • Keep text the same size for all slides. • If your slides are very detailed, use a 4 × 6 presentation template. • Use a consistent color scheme throughout your presentation. It should be a simple, timeless color combination. • Use 2/3 space between the slides for better reading and more space to the right for more information. • Choose a clean, white background—one color that's easy to follow and one you'll see in the background of  your slides. Use text within a 3 × 5 presentation template if you don't have time to design a white background. More items Feb 6, 2020 11 PowerPoint Tutorials for Make Your Presentations More Powerful 11 PowerPoint Tutorials for Make Your Presentations More Powerful 10.1. Use a clean, white background. Use a white background on your slides, so people have time to see  your slide. Avoid using bold, contrasting text, or overly large images. • If you're presenting in text, use a monospaced font. • Keep slides within 25-50 words. 10.2. Use white space sparingly. Leave just a few spaces between words, but keep the  whole word on the same white background as your slide image. 10.3. Keep your texts within a standard width. • If you're presenting in a slide show, keep the text the same width as one of your slides. • If you're going to use images, keep the text below the image. • Avoid text that doesn't contain the message on one slide. 11.1. Use image captions. Keep text on the same white background as your slide image. 11.2.

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