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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing cmd merge video files
Instructions and Help about cmd merge video files

My name is Rick and in this video I'll be showing you how you keep two video files into one single file now you must be saying well why do we need to do this and how come this is important well I'm gonna be showing you how to do this with the command line and this is gonna help you automate the process of merging in these two files now the reason why I specifically had to do this was because have a large data set of files that need to merge in an intro outro and you this could possibly work if you want to have a mid role again this is just an intro outro and a mid role if you want to have it optionally again this blog post is linked below this video so if you have any questions go over to my blog and go ahead and post them below that blog post and we'll see if anybody can answer those for you now the what we're gonna be doing here is we're gonna be using a tool called mp4 box now if you have never used mp4 bucks before I highly recommend you to go ahead and check out this blog post which is also link below this video on how to install mp4 box in OS 10 and it shows you here the instructions on how to go ahead and install that but what we're focused on here we're focused on how to merge these two files together with the tool mp4 box so first things first you need to have a file and we're gonna need to have the file we want to merge it with and we need to have the output file that we can ultimately have so I'm gonna go ahead and drop into the into the terminal here and I'll go ahead and show you how to do this right away and now you should be seeing my terminal here and what we want to do is we want to go ahead and go over to into my desktop and here I have two files I have a one file and a two file and we're gonna be merging this one file with this two file in order to have a third file so the way we can do this is with mp4 boxes if we run this command here and before box - cat one - cat - - new three mp4 again the dash-dot cat signifies that this file is gonna be concatenated with another file now if you don't know what Kennedy is is just pretty much stitching them together combining these two files into one single file so I'm gonna go ahead and run this command now and went ahead and finished now both the files are concatenated and now we have a video that has the outro to this video now if you don't have an intro and outro.


What is the best way to deal when the memory card shows an error that "SD card is damaged, try reformatting it"?
SD cards are a very popular photo storage device used in Android phones and Digital cameras (DSLRs). If you are reading this article most likely you have received the following message SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it. If you are receiving this error the very first thing which you should do is stop using this SD card immediately. Every time you use your SD card after this error; the probability of recovering your data from this card decreases further. A corrupted or damaged SD card doesn allow you to access data stored on it. One of themon reasons for this error is; the possibility of change in file format during data transfer or your SD card has developed some bad sectors. There might be a possibility that during data transfer file format or the memory card is damaged. What are the causes of the error message SD card is damaged try reformatting it This particular issue of receiving the error SD card damaged try reformatting it is usually but it also has some causes like every other problem. There are a few causes that are listed below The card may be physically damaged. Corrupt SD card file system. The card has been removed from the device during a file is being transferred. Utilizing the same card for multiple devices. Taking out SD card improperly. Some viruses present in the SD card may be the cause. General Troubleshooting To Fix Error Message SD Card is Damaged. Try Reformatting it 1 3 Clean Memory Card and Make Sure It is Connected Properly If you are using your Android phone for a long period of time it is possible that it awfully get dirty from inside. We tend to keep our phone in a pocket or in our hands and dues to this they collect both dirt and moisture. So you need to remove that dust. Open your phone back cover eject memory card and clean both card (clean the metal part properly) and its slot and then re-insert it back. Now switch on your phone and see if your problem is solved. If not then try the next solution. 2 3 Reboot Your Android Phone Sometimes the memory card bes temporarily inaccessible due to some iplete file operations. So you can try this solution and hope it could fix your problem. Simply reboot your Android device and see if the problem is fixed. Use CMD Command To Fix Damaged SD Card Without Reformatting Remove the card from the phone and with the help of card reader connect SD card to your PC. On PC click Start and cmd in the search bar and hit ENTER. Alternatively Click Start All Programs Accessories Command Prompt. Command prompt window will get open. Now in themand line enter the followingmand 3 chkdsk sd card drive letter (For example if your SD card drive letter is E drive then enter 3 chkdsk E ) The chkdsk will start to scan your damaged SD card for any of card errors and it will repair it. Once the scanning processpletes you can then check to see if SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it problem is solved or not. In most of cases the above solution works great and users are able to access the data saved within the card. But if in your case following the above solutions does not work then you can use a suitable SD card recovery tool to restore inaccessible media files from damaged SD card. Check SD card errors and repair Your windows is versatile enough to check the error if it exists or not. You can check SD card properties in window explorer and can repair it from there. Only you have to follow these steps Step 1 open your window explorer right click the removable disk option which has your SD card. Step 2 now choose the option of properties Step 3 further open the tab of tools. Step 4 now click the check option in the error checking section. Step 5 plete the scan process. Step 6 turn off yourputer put the card in your device and check if the issue still exists. Format SD card and rescue data from damaged SD card from Recoverit So if you have tried all the methods above and the problem is stubborn enough to stay. It is obvious that you don want your important data to be wasted. You surely want it to be recovered as soon as possible so without hesitating use the recoverit data recovery software. Now it is time for you to format the SD card and rescue data from damaged SD card using recoverit. Recoverit data recovery Recoverit is an astonishing data recovering software. It is more reliable than any other software. It is a free software to rescue the data from your SD card no matter if it is corrupt or damaged. It helps you get back all your valuable documents emails photos videos and audio files quickly and easily from laptop recycle bin internal hard drive external storage media and even a crashedputer. Recoverit Ultimate even helps you recover fragmented video and repair corrupt video. Recoverit data recovery software is the best source to get you out of this dilemma. First of all you need to download the recoverit data recovery software to cherish its uses. We can take recovering your video as an example of how amazingly this software does it work. Once you are done with that follow the given steps below Step 1 launch the software to recover your data. Step 2 secondly you have to select the location of the file you have to recover and press start to move forward. Step 3 after you have selected the location now press the recover button to scan. Step 4 wait for the scan to bepleted. Step 5 after your data is deeply scanned it is time for you to preview your rescued data preview some recoverable videos. Advanced video recovery function of recoverit Video files are different from any other of data. Sometimes you might find the video corruption after the preview using the software. Don't worry from now on. If so Recoverit reminds and works for you. Recoverit Data Recovery Ultimate supports the Advance Video Recovery feature. It scans gathers and matches the fragments of your corrupt videos and thus ensures most of your videos are recovered from DSLR Digital cameras Drones Action Cameras camcorders SD card PC HDD or any other source. Scan and match your video fragments Merge the fragments from the same video Recover your videos and keep 95% of them intact Recover unlimited video files without corruption All you have to do is just click advance video recovery Good Luck!
What are the best things to install on Atom editor?
General Purpose Packages for Atom atom-like-brackets-editor s - see where your cy braces parens () start and end by having your cursor simply touch them. atom-beautify s - beautify HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Python Ruby Java C C++ C# ive-C CoffeeScript TypeScript and SQL in Atom atom-live-server s - launch a server with livereload capability. browser-plus s - allows you launch a web browser within Atom in a new tab clipboard-autplete s - Get easily the from your clipboard using cp in your edito! file-icons s - assigns file extension icons and colours to files for improved visual grepping filesize s - displays the current file's size on the status bar file-watcher s - An open file watcher for Atom that will prompt when the file on disk has changed. git-clone s - quickly git clone a repo and open in a new atom window git-plus s - allows you to make git actions without going to the terminal git-time-machine s - visually interact with gitmit history for a file highlight-line s - highlights the current line in the editor highlight-selected s - when double clicking a word it highlights other occurrences of that word in a file. (this package with minimap-highlight-selected s is awesom) jumpy s - creates dynamic hotkeys to jump around files across visible panes. linter s - a base linter for Atom. You install other linter packages on top of this. Search for other linter packages prefixed with the word linter in front of it. Ex linter-jshint linter-csslint linter-jsonlint linter-ruby linter-pylint local-history s - SAVED ME SO MANY TIMES WHEN GIT DIDNT! maintains history of your changes to the code files. Think Google Doc revision history. Really powerful when you forgot tomit something or use Git. maybs-quit s - modal confirmation before quitting to prevent accidental closing the editor with the keys CMD-Q. merge-conflicts s - allows you to resolve git conflicts within Atom minimap s - A preview of the full source code (like Sublime Text). NOTE the other mini-map packages below rely on having minimap s installed. These packages used together make for a powerful editing experience in my opinion. minimap-cursorline s - Displays Atom cursorline in the minimap 1 minimap-find-and-replace s - show find & replace package results in minimap 1 minimap-highlight-selected s - displays your selection in the minimap. u26a highlight-selected s package is required. 1 minimap-selection s - highlights occurrences of currently selected word in minimap. This is an awesome way to glance how many occurrences there are & where they reside in the file! 1 minimap-git-diff s - show git changes in the mini map (green = addition yellow = change red = deletion). Great for quickly glancing sections youve changed in large files! 1 open-in-browser s - adds Open in Browser to themand palette and option click menu open-terminal-here s - adds Open Terminal Here to themand palette and option click menu package-managermands s - disable packages from themand palette (like Sublime Text). package-settings s - quickly open settings pane for a specific package (like Sublime Text) pane-layout-plus s - allows to create multiple panes within the editor (like sublime ) script s - allows you to run various script files inside of Atom. Supports JavaScript CoffeeScript Ruby Python Go Bash and PowerShell scripts. You can add more! set-syntax s - creates easy Command Palettemands for setting the syntax of the current file (identical set syntaxmand from sublime) swackets s - makes it easier to know how nested you are inside of functions conditional statements sync-settings s - synchronize package settings keymap and installed packages tree-view-autoresize - s Autoresize the tree view when open folders tree-view-git-status s - quickly glance your Git repository status in the Atom tree-view. platformio-ide-terminal s - allows you to launch multiple terminal sessions from within the Atom editor (supports other shells such as zsh etc..) rest-client s - a simple REST client for your favorite editor (think of Postman but within your editor) wakatime s - Fitbit for programmers. Get automated metrics and insights about your programming. Frontend related packages for Atom atom-json-color s - color JSON with a color per level auto-id-class s autoclose-html s - automates closing of HTML Tags autoprefixer s - autoprefixer your CSS & SCSS files color-picker s - brings up an interactive color picker from within Atom css-clean s - beautifully sorts and aligns CSS and SASS css-specificity s - shows the specificity of selectors in a CSS file in Atom docblockr s - makes writing javascript codements a breeze! emmet s - provides shortcuts for creating elements adding attributes and values and more when working with HTML & CSS files livestyle-atom s - real-time bi-directional edit tool for CSS LESS and SCSS pigments s - display colors in project and files. es6-javascript s - javascript snippets for development productivity Does having all of these packages slow down your editor? Nope I haven sense any slowdown. People with spinning disk hard drives(HDD) & less RAM might but if you have over 4GB RAM and a solid-state hard drive(SSD) your speeds should be quick. Why do you use so many packages? Atom is a barebones editor it up to the user to add additional functionality by installing packages I actually do use all of these packages. Lots of these packages bring functionality from other editors into Atom like Sublime VScode etc. My editor is like my car I like it fully featured and ready to roll. Demo You can see most of the Atom editor packages I mentioned above in the YouTube video I made Atom Editor - Overview and Top Packages Roundup s s Blog post listing the packages used Atom Editor Overview & Package Roundup
Why is Git so hard to learn?
Git is not hard for everyone but for most of the people living in the world. In my opinion you will be treated as second class citizen by git If you are a Windows user If you are not addicted in any terminal based software And life is hard for all second class citizen. There are no single best GUI client for git. There are many awesome client but many is the key problem. As a beginner you have to learn from your co-worker tutorial Q site like Stack Overflow topic tid 792 . And most of them do not demonstrate the features using any GUI client that you installed. I am currently working in a local software firm where git is used as version control tool but none of my colleagues have basic knowledge on git which is required for working in a shared environment. Unfortunately some of my co-workers have known that I have better knowledge on git than the others in thepany. And they oftene to me but sometimes I cannot solve their problems in their machine. Because they use different GUI client which I have never used and not interested to learn those clients. Another problem is git terminal provides its best support for Linux then Mac (No autpletion by default) then Windows (probably the worst support). Git provides windows support by an MinGW topic tid 1481269 and as I dislike Windows Command Prompt as well as Power Shell I personally use Cygwin topic tid 715 as terminal. But I found it difficult to use git from both places. For example I have to add ssh-key in both user file. From UX design point of view worse is better. And according to my observation git and mercurial are the most useful vcs among all other popular vcs. And trust me if git provided all the features that an user may need then it would be the toughest vcs in the world and no one could learn it. It is for any software. You have to sacrifice all awesome features which are badly needed for power users just for making it easy to learn for the novice users. Though most softwares are designed this way as novice users are the majority of the world. Fortunately Linus did not design the git only for the novice users. Probably he have some soft corner for power users or he didn know how to make a easy-to-learn UX. So if you want to learn git for just some basic features then you may think that its UX is designed badly and it could be re-designed for easy-learning. But trust me you are only thinking from the perspective of the novice user. Remember all power users have to learn the software everyday. They have not any inherent capability to learn software overnight though some people are used to think that way. So it is not fair to think that power users could have used git anyway even if git was designed in favor of novice users. If Ipare my learning experience between git and mercurial I found mercurial easier to learn and teach at initial stagepared to git. But when I tried to learn some little bit more advanced features like sub-repository I found that mercurial has really poor supports for it. Moreover mercurial uses branch name tagging inmit message which is really useful when users are not so cautious about the tree structure (when to merge without fast-forward and when to just rebase themit instead of merging). But if all users are careful on merging strategies of repository then the forced branch name tagging inmit message might seem annoying to them. However personally I prefer mercurial branch over git branch especially when using with an UI Client. A disadvantage of using git from terminal is that you cannot see the revision tree all time. You have to somehow memorize the tree structure while writing gitmands in terminal. I think that the revision tree added files and some other stuffs should be visible by default in git terminal.