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Hey guys Ryan here at signature edits today I'm going to be showing you how you can make a PDF using Photoshop Music alright so let's get into it today we are going to be making a PDF using the brand new signature edits wedding package guide this is a template you can get for free from the signature at its website right now for a limited time head to the link in the description below to check that out alright so first things first what do I do to make this into a PDF well I'm going to have to save all of my different pages here as their own merged layers so I'm going to make sure that I've got everything the way I like it do I want this dark page as the cover or the light one today I'm feeling the dark so I'm going to save this first off as its own project because I do not want to lose my layers in the future and now that it has finished saving I'm going to delete the Lite page because I don't need that then I'm going to go right click on the first group and go merge group BAM you can see that it's made a group this is now its own independent layer perfect I'm gonna do that for the rest all right so I have merged all of these groups into their own layers now I'm going to select them all just by holding shift and clicking from the top to the bottom and go up to where it says file and we're going to hit export layers to files so you can see we can select a file name prefix and we're going to decide where we save our images I'm going to save them as Ryan guide JPEGs perfect set my quality to 12 and hit run so what Photoshop is going to do is save each of these layers as its own JPEG what is great about this is you don't have to hit command save JPEG command save JPEG a bunch of times Photoshop will just do that in a batch so now we can go to finder and check perfect Ryan guide JPEGs and you can see they're all sitting right here great so next step we're going to close off this project don't need to save that for now I'm going to go up to file automate PDF presentation perfect so we're going to select multi-page document and click the Browse tab from there we're going to navigate to our JPEGs hit command a to select all or ctrl a on a PC click open and then hit save from there we can save it as whatever we want ryan guidebook perfect and then you can set your PDF preset I go with smallest file size because I normally send these via email but if you're going to be printing them I'd recommend.