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I agree with what Amateur AstroImaging user 72222645 has said it's unlikely to find another application that can quickly (and intelligently) crop your s are on an external HDD. If that's the case I suggest loading the s to an external SSD if that's not already the case. If you can swing it using a second external SSD for scratch might help too. Beyond that I'm not sure your workflow can progress any faster without a better CPU-chipset-GPUbination.
Not entirely clear what you're looking for but if you mean a UI tool for letting people resize and crop an image Jcrop is really nice
HA !!n How about doing it in 2 secondsn Start Open the original file in Photoshop italic n File Automate Crop and Straighten Photosn italic Finish . italic If the frames of all individual badges are crisp and clear enough (preferably vector based) and the badges are at the same size then it should work perfectly. If not then it takes a bit more effort Well I took a closer look at your image and the badges are not neatly aligned and some badges are even wider than others. So there no way to quickly automate this task and require exact the same size and italic the same margins. I would add a Batch italic process after the automated cropping to expand each badge to the same and (Canvas Size) italic . The margins will not be the same but you can have it both by starting with unequal sizes. Adobe Help italic Process a batch of Photoshop files italic s . italic
In CS5 you can use File Automate Fit Image... in recording an action. But this will take a rectangular s would end up 75x5 or 5x75. If this is project-based you could sort your -resizing-with-photoshop-and-javascript It will apply logic to the image then crop to your spec. Not an out-of-the-box solution but probably your best bet for free.
To crop multiple photos at one you may use Batch Picture Resizer Software. s It allows us to resize or crop multiple photos at one easily. source Here is a photo I took from their website. I will show you how to crop multiple photos to 3x3 pixels. Select new = 3 new hgiht = 3 - dimentions of the resulting photo. Select the destination folder . The Program will start cropping your photos. It does it really quickly! It utilizes all your processor cores. In a few seconds (or minutes) you will found your cropped photos in the destination folder . You may process 1nds of photos in one go. Also the program may help you to convert between image format add watermarks apply basic effects.
There is a few different options for this using photoshop. Unfortunately it is going to take trial and error in order to see what works or if anything like this does exist. As Leszek Copa user 486861827 has stated Photoshop actions could be a great solution provided all the scanned s to step and repeat the same process and it DOES have the ability to detect the lines and such. Just a suggestion! Good Luck! Thank you!
I also support Luke Bornheimer user 396496 's suggestion for private boards . I'd keep the vast majority of stuff public but it'd still be nice to be able to have private gift boards or even just - ahem - eclectic interests hidden. I'll add The ability to capture flash .) Bulk editing of pins. The ability to check a number of pins eg with a radio button and move all checked pins to a new board for example. This is increasingly necessary as the number of things I've pinned expands and I divide big categories - eg art into more specific categories eg paintings graphic design illustrations sculpture etc. It'd also be nice to be able to editments more easily eg a page which shows thumbnails of pins on the left with the ment to the right and be able to go down and edit yourments in each window without having to laboriously switch between pins. Rearranging pin order within boards. One can rearrange the order in which their boards are displayed but I can't see a way to re-order pins within a board. I'd like to be able to do that so that my most important pins don't get buried.
Hey there first of all as to provide fair disclosure Im a co-founder ofputer vision and machine learningpany Jemsoft . Back to your question The processing can depend largely on how the data for the CNN was processed for example data that was grey scaled before using a feature transform in the training process might require slightly different pre-processing than what you require for a pre-trained model like Google -processing that might be of interest. It includes some benchmarks which show you just how much generic pre-processing can help with image analysis. Well be launching a range of user trainable FCNNs CNNs and NNs over the next quarter so feel free to reach out for some advice our support staff can put you directly in touch with one of the engineers! Normalisation can be a simple as a Gaussian blur and an erosion to remove anomalies from your pixel data and in more specific cases you can pre-process by chaining CNNs for things such as automated cropping and upscaling of regions of interest or applying SIFT functions to add emphasis to certain sub-sets of your data. I hope this helps and have funputer vision is an incredibly challenging and satisfying field ofputer science!