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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing android share file from internal storage


My SD card is formatted as shared internal memory (Android 9 Pie). How do I transfer phone's internal storage file to PC? I can't see those when connected to PC via MTP.
Cheack device drivers download and install manually Or Use wifi transfer (shareit ) or kind of same software Transfer all data to pc And remove and format sd card again put in device and set as external storage
What hardware and software do I need to stream PUBG Mobile on Android?
Hardware Requirements for PUBG Mobile (as of 219 January) Minimum 233GB free internal storage (so that goes without saying at least 16GB of internal storage)nFast internet speeds (speed doesn matter much but ping aka latency does)n2GB of least a Snapdragon 43+ (for playing with Smooth settings with ~15325fps) While PUBG Mobile will start with these settings you can play anything remotely decently on these specs. You should try PUBG Lite instead. Rmended 64GB of internal storage (please don buy the cheaper variants 32GB is really not enough. In my phone with not that many apps and a memory card to keep my photos I have around 32GB full) Broadband connection with WiFi which gives around 18% - 25% the sync rate. A Decent Snapdragon 63+. With the aforementioned settings you can get pretty decent playability. Some extra tips PUBG Corp has banned GFX Tools i.e. they will ban you if they can detect any GFX Tools. But I use it for like 2 months now. But there a technique that I use it. (at your own risk of course) install PUBG. Now run it once this will configure the file. Now force close it. Then use GFX tool. And start PUBG. Then close the gfx tool. Don keep the GFX tool in background. They can check a list of apps on android But there are ways to check if a particular app is running in background. Keep your setting to Smooth. A Snapdragon 636 can push HDR on Erangel at 6fps but HDR is way too beautiful to get kills. I used to play HD and now I play at Smooth. Because that way you get much higher battery life and much more consistent frame rate across all the maps. EDIT Since Aman Khanna user 68574948 shared it for streaming. let me clarify you can indeed stream them on the rmended settings but I don't rmend playing at Extreme (6) frame rate while streaming. It gets hot and glitchy (frameskip while AWMing is a terrible idea) Also use a external video capture card if you really want to stream (because unrooted devices can't record audio) What I use Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 with GFX Tool Yes. I don rmend it but I do use it. 3fps and 6fps is a huge difference. From an average survive time from 16mins with 58% Top 1 rate I went to have a 2mins avg survival time with 65%+ Top 1 rate after GFX tools. Why should you keep your setting to smooth? I could have spotted this enemy had I used smooth.
How can I share a pubg mobile?
Your question is not clear but I guess you want to know how to share PUBG Mobile from one phone to another. PUBG Mobile is a huge application hence you must transfer it through ShareIt drop or any other sharing app. Method for transfer through ShareIt Pair both the phones (sender & reciever) then select PUBG Mobile app from apps section. Wait till the transfer isplete. Then on the reciever phone move to obb folder in Android. ordered-list You have successfully transferred PUBG Mobile from one phone to another. If you face any problem please mention inment.
I am unable to download PUBG on my mobile. What should I do to download it successfully?
First find out that your device ispatible for supporting and run pubg. If mobile ispatible and there is install option available for pubg in google play store and you are not able to install it then You can download pubg from website. Website will contain two files obb and apk. You have to copy and paste that obb file into mobile at path Internal storageAndroiddataObb. If you feel any confusing than see youtube video before installing the game. Second method is easy because pubg is so popular that most of have game in mobile and even you can ask kids around you to share file if they are playing game. ordered-list
In downloading a file from Telegram on Android, the filename is shown as "45656.mkv" instead of "pirates​.mkv." How do I get the original filename?
After you download the file Tap on three vertical dots in top-right corner of that file Tap Save to Downloads You will get the file with original filename in Internal Storage Downloads folder. horizontal-rule You are right in case of files in in the default download location. Whenever you download a file it gets some very large number and I am unable to figure out what it is exactly. I will let you know when I do. And I think it's so by default and we can't change it. But there's a solution to it. There's an app named Plus Messenger it's technically a third party app developed using Telegram API. It's similar to Telegram with a lot more customisation options. And one of the customisation includes letting you download a file with its original file name. If you are ready to go for that option then install the app - Plus Messenger s and then open the side menu Plus Settings Scroll down almost till end of the page to P8 Shared Media Now enable P8.1 Keep original filename and then you will get what you have asked. ) The filename will be the original filename followed by a relatively small number which is date at which file was received plus something. horizontal-rule ufffcThanks for the R2A. horizontal-rule Edits log u222 Included the Save to downloads point to get the file with original filename.
What can I do in order to make sure my WhatsApp messages aren't hacked?
Thanks 4 A2A Change your device Password regularly make sure no one notices it. If using Android Do not install 3rd party Apps (.apk files from black market) If using Android protect your encrypted files from Internal storage. Do not charge your device with Untrusted laptops.
I am running the latest Android, 6/Marshmallow, on an LG G3. I just got a 128G, micro-SD card. Why is there no option to format as *internal* memory?
That is because lg disabled that feature. Their reason is most people use their sd cards for sharing files and they don't want to prevent people from sharing files because other devices will not be able to read the memory card. Also since the card has to be formatted be it can be used for adaptive storage and lg does not want you lose your files due to the process of formatting they disabled the option. I think they should have just offered it as an option and given adequate warning.
How can I copy the data of PUBG Mobile and share it to another device?
Go to your internal storage of device--- then go to Android file - then go to obb file--- then in obb search for --- Copy this file and paste it somewhere else in your storage---- After this u can send the file and app to another phone via any sharing app. In your another Phone Install app and wait till it install and in the option open and done click done. After this copy file and paste it in Android 2 Obb 2 Paste. Then open the app it will start working without asking additional file download.