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Bless you guys there !! Your boss is standing while your head is deep in the screen reading the code. What a fond memory!! You may be dissolved in optimizing the code you have copied from your friend. An assignment called mini project to write a crosspiler for Motorolla 68. Waking up 1 day before the deadline saying you have not understood the problem definition )) Rewriting the code in a 16 hrs session with a 5 mins break. After submitting the ripen app to the HoD he may tell you that he don't want the C code but in C++; just before couple of hours at end of the day. That was the encounter. nSmart friends smart solution make second copy of the project make the main look like C++ keep this file in the front run the original project in the background ;)) answer the questions AND YOU ARE NOT THE DEFAULTER !!!nUnfortunately or fortunately whatever this doesn't work in real is a perfect Hell to Learn experience where you are not allowed to die. nThis had been the experience in wide spectrum of batches ))nThis remembers the toughness in the training and softness in the friendliness without which I could not have been I remember one slogan used to be there inorial To Bug is Human To Debug is Divine
LIFE AT... It is a like small well knit world! I opted for after reading almost all the reviews and asking people and students for opinionsandwell I'm not at all disappointed.n n CAMPUS You'll definitely hate yourself for building great expectationsafter watching Student of the Year or daily soaps. The campus is tinycute and peaceful. Half of it is for parking. 6 . The labs are quite amazing! There's a universal basketball courtused for events be it sports or cultural! nOn the contrary the hostels are the the best! You'll love it! Well I assure you one thing you'll never get lostin this tiny campus ) CROWD Oh dear you'll find brainy beings here! Talent isn't hard to find! And thus you've to work damn hard to make a mark. Almost everyone manages to score a 9 pointer as if it's a cakewalk!nWith three branches only you won't find it hard to socialize. And the seniors aren't bullies. They really help in strengthening your skills. ACTIVITIES The college transforms into a different planet! You'll enjoy the and Pulzion. Another great thing in the college is the cultural fest- Addiction!nAlso Impetus and Concepts is a national level event conducted every year. You're provided with enough opportunities all you've to do is grab all of them!nThe college actively participates in the inter college sports meets but you've to take the initiative to form a team Art Circle is another major thing in the college. 2am practices with change of Awaaz cha are student clubsRobocon have been on a rise lately. You name it and it's there. ACADEMIA Most of the teachers are good. But you can't rely on them totally because it isn't a school. The first year is the most tedious one. Thereon you'll start loving what you study! Keep exploring build projects with people and you will have the time of your life. Yes attendance is a great issue! You'll be safe with 85% attendance butif you are hungry for marks try to keep 1% attendance for full internal marks. The internal examsepsecially the prelimsare given importance in first year. The second year is much easier in terms of the number of exams conducted. Doing your assignments in time and not provoking the teachers gives you easy life here.(Entc is the strictest).nThey make a fuss about ID cards initiallyif at all you don't want to wear it make sure you carry it. nBeing too late in class and usage of mobiles in the clad while lectures are not the resources available in the library! FOOD The canteen is the worst part of the college. nJust eat out if you don't like the canteen food. Students havee revolted against the quality of food and gone; but there's no change whatsoever. nKhau galli should make your tummy happy. D You'll have to be active and aware and choose goodpany to be different here. You'll alsoe across people calling it a school or a prioson. Wellit is all a matter of perspective. It depends on what kind of a student are you and what do you expect from the college. If you want a challenging academic lifePICT is for you. I'm glad is a part of my life <3 be patient and you'll fall in love with the life here!
Having studied here would I rmend it to you? The answer is a big fat NO. Why you ask? Let me elaborate. There's answers about the good parts. I'd like to go in detail about the bad ones so that you have a good perspective and can make an informed decision. 1. Placements A lot of people join for the placements. And I agree they had a pretty good track record. Sure Google hade to. But if anyone has bothered to look at the stats they have so proudly uploaded on the website Google last came in August 213 and it took people. Thepanies thate for placements have steadily declined- Morgan Stanley Microsoft Amazon (which came to VIT this year and not btw)) do not visit anymore; Most people not in Comp or IT get placed in mass recruiters. If you decide to do something other than just college in your life for the next four years and worst case get a back in third year you won't have access to placements so if that's why you joined it'll be worthless. Everyone I know who is from and is extremely well qualified in anyputer science related field has got to that point due to one thing and one thing only because they did it on their time ( at the expense of their college attendance and submission ). You can do this at any other college VIT MIT minus the extreme emotional distress. Autonomous from SPPU Every year there are rumors that is bing autonomous. Hasn't happened yet and until it happens the college will be under SPPU which is also well full of shit but that's another answer. 3. Ridiculously high discipline is full of staff who are hell bent on ensuring discipline of the highest order to the point of nonsense. Everyone staff or student needs to have an ID and helmet to enter college. Ok I get it. This is reasonable. Every student needs to maintain 75% attendance. Ok. University rule. But italic if you do an internship with prior permission within SPPU gelines or you are part of a fest with an approved attendance letter or you are just short of attendance with a valid reason and valid permission (whatever the case may be) you will still be treated as a defaulter your submissions will be delayed you will be made to do extra assignments. This to me makes absolutely no sense. 4. Extracurriculars There is no extra curricular activity other than Art Circle. The amount of effort you need to put into it is at least 5 hours which means anything technical or college related takes a hit. Now art circle usually gets off lightly but still their submissions are withholded. All this can be summed up into one sentence anything you do for the college (by representing the college) means one thing and one thing only extra work for you press fodder for the college . So the college gets recognition at your expense. As for teachers well I have not heard any engineering student not from a Tier 1 college say that their teachers are nice. The time to learn something by being taught is over you have to do it yourself. But beware- some teachers here are downright sadistic old timers who will bend for nothing and to no one and will make your life seriously miserable. Overall it's just NOT WORTH IT.
Hey! I am currently studying in third year at COMP. But I got friends in VIT as well. So I guess my answer will help you decide. First of all there isn't much difference in IT andp syllabus if you refer to it. Vit gives you . degree and gives B.E. since they're under sppu. But as of what I've observed that doesn't make much of a difference while job interviews and higher studies. All that'll matter is your knowledge at the end of eight semesters. Now let me tell you what's it like to be in. It was hard for me to adjust because in 11 I hadn't attended at all P. Also the people subjects and atmosphere everything was new to me. And yes whatever you read about strict culture in over Quora is (lol). But trust me you'll meet amazing people here (and a decent crowd overall) having great academic achievements. Many of the teachers actually care about having your basic concepts clear and teaching you. I assure you that you won't about quality and standards of teaching here. Comparatively speaking Comp IT dept are the chill ones in. And trust me you wont get a such diverse lane of food shops anywhere. In fact I have gotten used to all of it so much that now in holidays I actually miss being there !! Now a few things I like about VIT and stuff I wish my college had. So first of all VIT peeps get long ass holidays which makes me jealous. Also they have got this culture of having dance and musicpetitions twice a year!! If you've everured joining an art club in college then vit is your place. About the crowd with all due respect I felt that is better in those terms. But hey you won't be dealing with the 75% attendance rule and no entry without I-card (even helmet nowadays). So basically it's upto you. Just set your priorities andure yourself in both the places. Maybe visit the college campus if possible ? Hope it helps ! )
Application Procedure B.E course - For getting admission to B.E course at Pune one should qualify the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET). Those who have passed senior secondary examination from Maharashtra State Board of Examination or its equivalent with minimum of 5% marks in Physics Chemistry and Mathematics altogether can apply for MHT CET. However candidates belonging to reserved or physically handicapped category need to obtain only minimum of 45% marks for the same. Only Indian Nationals can appear for this test. Candidates can forward their application to the concerned authority when the notification gets published in the website of Directorate of Technical Education Mumbai. After this test the concerned authority will publish a merit list of MHT CET qualified candidates. From that list candidates can check their rank and score obtained in the test. Once the candidates get the score card of MHT CET they can forward their application to Pune for admission. But they should wait until the notification gets published for B.E admission. The institute will short list the candidates according to their MHT CET score and send call letter to inform them about the date of counselling. After taking part in the counselling process one can join the B.E course offered at Pune. Candidates can also seek admission to B.E course on the basis of JEE MAINS score. All the Best
This has to go anonymously.. )nTo add points for the said points . No cellphones (ok ban from lectures but what about campus? This sucks)n2. SaJo (PICTians You-Know-Who i'm talking about) This whole write conference paper is bullshit. They make us write journal paper about RESEARCH in which you have to give 1s of references ande up with some idea of yours. This is for sure going to take down one day.. Ever changing rules - each ge hod princies up with some own rules of their which keep colliding with each . Discouragementsn5. Canteen food and arrogant vendors
1. You will never once in your 4 years will learn how to use a CRO . Lab Assistants sometimes have more knowledge than the teachers.. Excellent placement is just an overkill. Can though .n4. 95% of CS students have no interest whatsoever in . Attendance is more mandatory than your . Every second person in the college is a member of . Basketball court is used for everything except . Lots and lots of fake up . Lecturers will confuse you even further if you ask a . Best programmers in the college are not the . Google justes and leaves the same way for the placements (Been like this for past 3 years) . Haven visited campus since 211 .n12. IT Department is the . % of Nerds % of Smart peoplen14. People who indulge in all sorts of intoxications consider themselves cool but actually are the biggest . Lecturers aren't up-to-date about their own field of . Writing assignments is useless. Even the external doesn't check . Consider yourself lucky if you get semester end holidays for more than a . Examination dates are actually notified 2 days before the exam in some cases. Awesome huhh?n19. You can have college on Sundays .n2. Only aim of Principal and HODs while in the college is to make them suffer till the inch regardless of the severity of the issue .n21. is the best Computer Science College supposedly. n22. Majority of teachers who hold high positions are way too egoistic .n23. Landing a valuable internship won't land you an exemption from attending . The only good point about this college is some unknown bullshit reason that someone advised you with before joining this college. 25. Companies visiting campus for placements are obsessed with Java . Almost 8% of thepanies offering over 5LPA will require you to code in Java . 26. TNP Cell is the douchiest organisation youll ever witness in your life . 27. Low attendance will do in your final year . 28 . Good thing is that has a good alumni base . *Check Linkedin* . 29. Few students are exceptionally bright . Like really they should have been in a better place or something . 3. Toppers would kill for getting placed in Morgan Stanley . p 31. Marks play an important role for hitting off thepany criteria . That it . Sometimes even toppers with 8% remain unemployed till the very end .
This question should be evaluated with different factors. Are you looking to do something in puter science stream?nIf yes. is one of the best option over MIT. Why ? If you are looking for like minded surroundings. always care for their students. To improve the college management also takes hard decisions. If you are planning for MS then you should choose. If you don want to do career inputer science. If you love sports and big campus. ordered-list My Personal Advice Being a alumni I find is one of the best college in Pune. There are a lot notable alumni from. is a brand that you will take with you while working in IT industry. Do you want to know more about? Please visit s
Management Quota fees depends on Your 12th marks and timing it will varied from 7 to 1 lakhs for CSE An Engineering college established in 1983 Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) has been one of the leading institutes in Information Technology education and research. is focused on creating versatile engineers who can apply their knowledge and skills anywhere in the world. The college is well known as a respected institute for UG and PG programmes in Computer Engineering Information Technology and Electronics & Telmunication Engineering (PG-E&TC Microwave Engineering). The college also runs Ph.D Programmes in Computer Engineering and Electronics and Telmunication Engineering. The Institute has introduced a scheme of innovative andprehensive education at university and technical education level which aims at excellence but not at the cost of the relevance. It aims at inculcating dignity of labor encourages initiative and creative work which is multidisciplinary which prepares students for the increasingly technouad-oriented society of tomorrow and which will generate in the alumni the basic values of humanism secularism and democracy. We have Research & Development and Entrepreneurship Development Cell to inculcate research culture and enterprising skills among the students and faculty. Spread over 5 acres of beautiful landscape is home to 269 hostelers 24 + day scholars and over 2 + staff. A Canteen is functioning to cater the students staff parents and visitors. Rejuvenating facilities like basket ball court Gym TT are available. 24uadhours medical facility is available.