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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing increase image size in kb without changing pixels online


How do I increase the size of the image (as in kb) without changing its pixels?
For those of you without Photoshop there is this easy way. In case if you are in a hurry and want to go the simple way around all you need to do is right click the would have increased by few KBs without making any changes to the image. This can be done on instances where you need to upload a JPEG format in not less than 1 KB usually signatures. Hope this helps.
What are the best practices for web graphics?
When ites to adding somewhere online and upload it to your site and youre done! Whilst this is the general jist of using s on your website than upload insert and publish. Before we get into the how to find edit and optimise s the different s you can get and some basic attributes of them. What of s (jpgs gifs pngs etc) so let dive into each of these different s of s like logos and graphics and those funny animated gifs of cats we love so much. It best not to save photographs as a GIF as this will increase the filesize of the quality. JPEG JPEG (or jpg) stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This format is best used for photos on the web. Do not use this format for logos or graphical with a transparent background but they can tend to be larger in file size so you will want to make sure you optimise them for the web (more on that later). BITMAP Saving your as a series of dots or pixels. BITMAP is bad Mkay 3 don use BITMAP. EPS The EPS format is used mainly for print work. If you have an eps file you will need to convert it to a jpeg or gif for use on the web. PSD The psd format is a Photoshop file extension. If you have a PSD file you will need to convert it to a jpeg or gif for use on the web. TIFF The tiff format usually makes your s we predominately use on websites are GIFs JPGs and PNGs. Keep to these formats and youll be A-OK. The difference between s on a website. The file size and the . General s in a banner or slideshow on the homepage and sometimes internal pages. If you have these it not an issue but your s later in the article). These will usually be creeping up to around 3-4kb perhaps more if you need a transparent png. Don be fooled into thinking that you can simply download a photo from your digital camera and add this to your site. Most cameras will produce a photo of around 5-6Mb in size. Note Some content management systems allow you to reduce the size of size. Image size The on screen. This is typically measured in pixels. One pixel is equal to the dot in this i. The s. If it s as a banner for the top of your blog articles typically I will try to make these the size of your content area so this is usually anywhere between 7-12pixels. If youre looking at using s for the web? Making your s are optimised for the web is a must. There a few different ways you can crunch down the size of your s while preserving transparency . This online tool will reduce your quality loss. That pretty impressive! Is there a program I can use to easily crop or resize manipulation programs out there from top of the line programs like Photoshop or you could use a free program like Gimp 3 both are very good options. If youre wanting to make quick little edits like resizing an s. Where can I get s for your website. Obviously you can get some photos taken by a professional photographer or take them yourself if you have an interest and talent in photography. If that not an option for you you can always use paid services like iStockphoto or Shutterstock. Another alternative is to use some feree services like Pixabay and you can even get some great s to ensure youre using has asked for attribution (recognition of their you like and whack it up on your website. For more info about creativemons licenses go here Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 2. Generic - CC BY-SA 2. s . If I delete an on a cached version of your page. Simply get your page go to Google and into the search box. So for example if I wanted to see the s used on our article What is duplicate content I would caches into Google search box. If youre looking for an s are on my website? There a few ways to do this. You can run some diagnostics on individual pages using tools like Google Page Speed Insights GTMetrix or the Pingdom Website Speed Test. These tools are great however they will only tell you the size of the size of all s on your site. Simply run a crawl of your site then download it as a csv and open it in your favourite spreadsheet editing program (for me that Google Sheets) and sort by then size and you will have a list of all your s on your website. We hope youve found it helpful and gotten some useful tips from our experience of building websites for over 15 years!
Which is the best image compressor?
If you are a website designer or a blogger then you would definitely like to boost your website speed. There are many reason behind the low speed of any website. But s and big size s in your website and blog Then definitely your website speed and SEO ranking will be increase . Now question is if i will use low size quality will be decrease? If you have also this question then you should definitely read this article. Here im going to ex about all online free into very small size with maintain approx same quality . There are 15+ online best free s . Read this article and know one-by-one about all these tools. 1. higpress - Cost-Free+Paid Mode-Online Limitation 3 -1 Mb Size Supporting Format 3 .png and .jpg There are many online free tools available for pression. I love this tool and use maximum time for my project. In this tool You can also select multiple . There are three option forpression .If your s forpression and download afterpression. Second option is High . If your then choose High option . In this case you canpress png and other size should be between 1-2 Mb . Third option is Super . In this case you canpress png and other should be in high resolution size of between 2-1 Mb. Soyou can easilypress png and large size .toolur Cost- Free Mode- Online Limitation-PDF size up to 5 Mb(3 pages) and Max audio size 5 Mb Supporting Format-JPEGPNG and BMP and ( MP3 and other songs) presspressor tool forpress png and any large size s. But . A B C D E F and G. F and G methods are specially for .jpeg quality). ABCD and E methods are for .png .bmp and also for .jpeg format. This tool have many functionality . You canpress png and any other in pixels according to your requirement. As you can see it has also other sub tools like- Audio converter (Maximum audio size 5 Mb) PDF to JPG and Web Proxy . Through which you can change your audio format you can convert pdf files ( maximum size 5 Mb of 3 pages) into your require page range and background. So i can say that it a amazing tool for s at a time and Max size of 5 Mb Supporting format- .jpg .png and .jpeg is on of the best free tool for s into minimum size with maintain same quality. This tool ispletely free. It has also many sub tools like 3 What my IP Word Counter Grammar Check SEO checker Internet speed test and Reverse Image Search. Through which you can check your IP you can count total words in your blog and you can check your grammar strength in your blog. So you can easilypress png s at a time Supporting format - .png and .jpeg pression. By using this tool you canpress 2 s should be in PNG and JPEG format. This tool has many other sub tools like PDF tool Convert toolImage resize tool and Bulk resize. So you can use this tool for better s(Max size of 5 Mb) at a time Supporting format- .png and .jpg is one of the best s online. As you can see in above picture. You canpress big size .jpg and .png s. By using this tool. You can also test how much space you can save afterpressing all s at a time(Max size 9 Mb) Supporting format- JPGJPEGGIF and PNG is also a s ( 4%5%) as you like. All s 382 721 master_ s zoomable optimizer andpressor. Actually this is a paid tool But you can use free up to 1 Mb optimization. Before using this tool you will have to make an account without giving any credit card data. 8. ImageRecyle Cost- Free+Paid Mode- Online Limitation-You can use it basic plan only Supporting format- JPG PNG GIF PDF pression But you can use it free. it has paid plan also. But you canpress your s 228 514 master_ s optimizer tool for jpeg Cost- Free Mode- Online Limitation- Max size up to Mb Supporting format- gifpng and jpg 1. AS you can see in above picture . you canpress png gif and jpg s afterpressing any will be in different size with different quality. For example if the size of uploaded may be appear as ( 45 KB359 KB 24 KB126 on). So You can choose whatever you want. 11. Imageoptimizer Cost- Free Mode- Online Limitation- None Supporting format-All s . As you can see in above picture . You canpress your s. So this is really awesome free online tool forpress png and other s and 2 pdf file at a time Supporting format- pngjpgjpeg and pdf files is also amzing tool for s into low size. 13. Imagify Cost- Free+Paid Mode- Online Limitation- Max size up to 2 Mb Supporting format- All has both paid and free features. If you wanna the additional feature of this tool then you can go to premium plan . Otherwiseyou can use this tool free of cost. Interface is very simple just drop your s as output. 14. PunyPNG Cost- Free Mode-Online Limitation- Up to 1 s 216 49 master_ s pressing tool . Then you should definitely use PNG Compression and Online Image Compressor italic italic . This is the one of the best tool for s par month(Max size 1 Mb) Supporting format-PNGJPGGIF and PDF