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First the dpi is not the resolution of an in Illustrator you can click on it to select it. And the PPI is displayed in the properties of the in Illustrator many PDFs contain vector elements such as or logos These elements are not affected by resolution because they are vectors. You will know if they are vectors because they will have outlines you can select or the will be editable. You can print these vector elements at any size you want because vectors are infinitely rescalable. However a PDF can also contain raster level again Illustrator will display the PPI of the properties. As you have already noticed this figure will change as you resize the and select it. In this screenshot you can see the PPI shown in the s 669 75 master_ s zoomable will print out yourself and what size you need to set it at to print at 3dpi first you need to know the is contained in a PDF you could work out the size in inches in Illustrator (hint change the units in Illustrators preferences to inches) as shown in the s 39 888 master_ s zoomable resolution then read this All About Digital Photos - the Myth of DPI
On existing PDF files you can add paddings as white spaces using online PDF tools. Try DeftPDF s online and use their Resize PDF tool which functions in two different options 1. Adding margins 2. Change page size To use this on your existing PDF file simply follow the steps below to achieve the desired output 1. Go to the site select the Resize PDF tool and upload your existing PDF file 2. Select Add margins on the tool (Screenshot from site to illustrate instructions) italic 3. Encode the desired size for the side that you wish to add paddings to. E.x. If you want to add 5 inches of paddings on the right side simply put 5 on the box indicating right (screenshot taken from site to illustrate instructions) italic 4. When done click resize PDF then download it to save your work. Source s
Aputer with a lot of RAM and processing power Photoshop (or a similarly powerful program; Im not aware of a program in such field that is as powerful as photoshopuff9 A lot of storage space Determine the final size of your collage. Whatever the final size in inches or millimeters the final collage will be that inch size at 3 DPI. Given the amount of files youll be working with don bother resizing every file arrange as wanted and export it as oneplete JPG or PDF s even in chunks and I won even ask how you intend on storing the base photos in the meantime. But good luck.
The Nexus 7 is lightweight and small enough to fit in my pocket that is a great advantage that I won't trade for anything else. This is what I do and it works great. I discovered that the problem with PDFs are usually the wasted white space in the margins removing the margins works the magic I use Briss briss for cropping the trick is getting the right dimensions and this involves a bit of arithmetic. Nexus 7 dimensions are 3.6 in X 5.3 in (I've excluded the software buttons) the ratio is therefore Imagine I have a PDF with a readable of 136mm I usually get this by loading the book in Briss. Briss will auto exclude the margins for me what I'm usually after is to get a readable with the main page contents - I try to exclude margins page numbers chapters markings etc where possible as I can always use the software PDF bookmarks in the reader to navigate). Once I get the readable to get the right I multiply it by So I crop to this dimension 136 X 2. This has so changed my reading on Nexus 7 that I now crop all my PDF books to maximize page contents it works great. You should try it.
I don know any way to get Acrobat without a license. But if you have a job that includes a license for Acrobat the license permits using the program on twoputers provided bothputers are never used at the same time. In other words you can use that license to load Acrobat on your homeputer. You will need to cooperate with your IT department. It possible somepanies won permit it. But it more likely they will especially if you permit your boss the illusion that you will be using your home copy to give them oodles of free overtime. There are lower cost PDF editors such as Foxit. You can create your content in Word or Publisher then export it to PDF. You can also open a PDF in Word (or Publisher) convert it to a Word document edit and export. You can print to PDF with any of several free PDF printers. Or you can convert to PDF with ilovePDF .. If all you want to do is to mark up a PDF or fill in a form you can use Adobe Reader which is free. Click Comment in the right sidebar. You will see a large selection ofment tools that let you add draw etc. Here a wild trick I used to print a PDF envelope for my mail-in ballot. It was aplex document with bar codes and several different s of content (graphics etc.) The envelope file did not have borders. My printer could not print the left and top half inch. Every conversion program I tried was not able to get everything correct. I could not find a way to insert borders. My state has provisions for hand-written envelopes but I felt a challenge. I displayed the entire file on my screen. I did a print screen and copied the buffer into Microsoft paint. I saved the Paint file as a .PNG. I edited the PNG to crop just the envelope. I opened a Word document and set the page size to an envelope. Then I added the .PNG. I rotated and resized to make it fit on the envelope. Then I printed. Ta-da!
CMYK-Colormanagement Files *.icc are often . For a presentation you do NOT need CMYK-colormanagement. Just convert everything in your file to sRGB and include this .icc-profile drop the other CMYKs. You can do this with Acrobat Pro or DC. A single CYMK-Profile like ECI ISO coated v2 takes up to 12 MB. A simple RGB Profile just about 5 KB. If you don any .icc-Files your PDF will look weird on Wide-Gamut Screens. ResolutionnForget about this 72 dpi-stuff. For screen purpose take 15 ppi. So you allow others to zoom in a bit and the images stay sharp. In fact resolution isn such a killer .icc-files are and this without any visible 15 ppi you allow others to make copies on a homeprinter or laserjet. The CMYK-printer will call you nuts with this file. Saving in higher PDF-StandardsnThis allows better internalpression of the PDF-streams yes Ask me about joboptions. Those files consist of settings for Acrobat Pro Do not forget to tell me the utilization. A optimal CMYK-Print-File is something very different to a presentation. Haha and it different here in europe too. We use ECI ISO coated as a general CMYK-output ICC For all of those who need fact and numbers in a shot termnI made tests with the same PDF-File written by InDesignnPrinting purpose with CMYK .icc-Data 1.4 MBnScreen purpose with sRGB 15 ppi JPG 8% 35 KB
Are you targeting desktop users for your app or tablet users? In other words does your app make the most of screen real-estate and expect users to have a keyboard and mouse? Or does you user interface optimize for large display elements that can be accurately interacted with using a finger? If you're targeting tablet users the you want to make a Metro app and you want to sell it through the app store. There's no reason I can see any reason to do anything else. But having used Windows 8 as my daily driver for a while now I can safely say if you're targeting desktop users then you want to make an apppatible with Windows 7 and earlier. I find myself seeking out Win7 apps even if there's a Metro version. For example I want my PDF reader to be in a windows I can resize and move around not full-screen. I certainly don't want my IM client to take up my entire 24-inch display as the metro MSN does. So desktop users are simply not going to spend much time in Metro. Hope this helps.