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What are some essential tools for patent attorneys?
Mostly you need a brain and a something to write with. There are some software tools that play a supporting role Research Tools USPTO patent search patft Page 1 of 1 ; Espacenet - Home page ; Google s Patents; Thomson Innovation . QA Tools Patent Claim Master Patent Proofreading Patent Claims Patent Drafting ; PatentOptimizer22 | Patent analysis and drafting | LexisNexisuae . Generally patent attorneys do not use CAD software (aside from viewers). It is far more cost effective to have a professional illustrator prepare the drawings. For simple drawings Visio can be useful.
What are the upcoming cryptocurrency ICO's with huge potential to be big?
What are the uing cryptocurrency ICO's with huge potential to be big? I've personally had my eye on Cashaa s with their CAS token. Like any other token or alt-coin I'd highly rmend checking out their White Paper and doing your own due diligence but from what I can see they have everything going for them. The main things you want to evaluate when looking at any ICO (which are the same criteria VC's use when evaluating anypany to fund) are these 3 things (in this order) Team Technology and Market Potential Without going into too much detail it's understandable why the Team is the most important criteria. That is because without the proper experience or knowledge of the vertical thepany is aiming to serve it's not likely they will succeed. A recent talk I attended in San Jose also made clear that knowing who yourpetitors are is equally important in this regard. Technology I mean obviously there needs to be something that provides real value to a market and is not just a hype machine where people are going to pump the thing up and dump it off as soon as other public investors buy-in. Take apany like Meerkat vs Apple. When Steve Jobs was running Apple he had three (3) public failures before leaving Apple to start Pixar and Next which needless to say are thriving in their own respective industries. The point is when you're looking through the whitepaper (whether for Cashaa or any other token) you look at how the technology is different than what may already exist and if it does already exist how is the market they're serving different? The Market potential while some may think this is the most important really isn't. Manypanies start in niches before expanding to a global audience (including Amazon Apple Facebook and several others). The important thing to look for is to determine how thepany is aiming to address the problems of the given market and how are they performing with being able to penetrate this market as well as facilitate the onboarding experience of new users. With all that being said you may feel inclined to do your own due diligence - however the 3 criteria are a good place to start for ANYpany not just Cashaa s . Although I myself am rooting for them.
How can the public help to put an end to Fox news?
Q How can the public help to put an end to Fox news? Since freedom of speech and the press is a guaranteed right under the US constitution it will take some work-around tactics to suppress a particular news outlet you don't like. Especially since there is apparently a large sector of the public that will not agree with your agenda. CNN Drops 26% In Prime Time As Fox News Dominates April Cable Ratings s#7293aa593c59 218 Ratings Fox News Is the Most-Watched Network on Cable for the Third Straight Year s There are some legal ways the public can shut down information from Fox only if certain allegations can be proven -- Obscene material legally and historically been excluded from First Amendment defining as to what qualifies as obscene is problematic.n-- False or defamatory statements (called libel) aren protected under the First Amendment but must be proven in court of law.n-- Speech provoking incitement and threats ...is also not protected. But again determining what speech qualifies as incitement has historically been decided on a case-by-case basis. nIE does Peter Fonda's tweet to encourage his followers to rip Barron trump from his mother arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles qualify as incitement? There are other ways to censor news channelsn-- Official Censorship the public can put an end to Fox News by electing politicians (or judges) that will simply ignore the First Amendment to fit a particular ideology. Unfortunately by then America would also have be a nation ruled by a despotic government controlling ALL media including ones you may like. -- Soft Censorship (which could force Self Censorship) This is likely to which you refer with your question. This is the practice of influencing news coverage by applying financial pressure on mediapanies that are deemed (by some) to not toe the line to a particular ideology. This includes boycotting sponsors and banks threatening viewers (illegal) influencing journalists etc. But is it successfulin particular the sponsor boycotts? The problem with soft censorship is that boycotts will have the desired impact only if it has enormous drawing power and resonates with consumers of every stripe italic n Boycotts Rarely Work the Way We Hope s ...and politically motivated (social justice) business decisions may back fire. Chick Fil A Chick-Fil-A Boycott Backfires Boosting Sales 15 Percent To $1 Billion s Starbucks Hiring Refugees Is Hurting Starbucks' Brand Analysts Say Kellogg pulled ads from the conservative site Breitbart. The result Alexa rankings showed Breitbart News (with 53 million views April 219) was pushed up from its normal range to the 36th most popular website in America. Breitbart then countered with a call for a boycott of Kellogg productsand eventuallyn UPDATE 2-Kellogg to replace CFO earnings dive 36.5 pct; shares drop s Macy's made the political decision to boycott Ivanka Trump clothing line from its was caught in the same catch-22 situation as was Kelloggn s s Boycotts are rarely the precipitating factor for change. Rather they bring attention to an issue and signal the magnitude and intensity with which a group feels a particular way. italic In most cases a small minority of people call for a boycott that the widermunity fails to support by taking substantive action. italic -Maurice Schweitzer professor of operations and information management Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania.
Why isn't Ken Anderson in the NFL Hall of Fame?
If somebody made a list of the greatest very-good quarterbacks of all time in the NFL Ken Anderson should be at the top of the list. If he'd played with a better team earlier in his career or even was able to play at the top of his game for a few more years than he did he would likely be Hall of Fame material. Anderson interestingly was an early disciple of Bill Walsh and his West Coast offense back when Walsh was an assistant to Paul Brown in Cincinnati. He took over from the adequate but limited Virgil Carter and helped establish one of the most efficient passing attacks of the time. Anderson excelled in the short passing game that was Walsh's bread and butter but he had enough arm to stretch defenses deep when paired with the blazing fast receiver Isaac Curtis. He also was an excellent scrambler as well and could unload accurately on the run one of the best passers to do so until another Walsh project named Joe Montana showed up several years later in San Francisco. When Walsh left Cincinnati after not being given the head coaching job when Brown retired the Bengals became moribund for several years and to an extent so did Anderson. As a matter of fact his stats from 1977 right through the first game of 1981 were somewhere between middling and putrid punctuated by a handful of truly awful games. Not helping was he had very little in the way of a surrounding cast and no standout receivers besides Curtis who was starting to slow from age and injuries. Also the Bengals being in the dregs of the league at the time had very little marquee and media appeal such that they were seldom televised outside their home market except when being beat up on by the NFL elite particularly their division rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers so Anderson rarely got a chance to showcase his talents to nationwide TV viewers when he was on his game. Things dramatically changed in 1981 starting with new uniforms and tiger-striped helmets for the Bengals that were initially laughed at but soon became respected for much of the 8's. A handful of rookie impact players particularly the talented receiver Cris Collinsworth that inspired much improved play from the veterans still there elevated Anderson and the team to a 12-4 record and a Super Bowl berth. Despite an awful season opener where he got benched in the second half and watched a trivia question named Turk Schonert rally the team Anderson once again became a feared passer leading the league in passing efficiency and the fewest interceptions and led a balanced offense with a ground game almost as efficient as the passing game with a deep bench of running backs that could catch as well as run. The next couple years he was even better posting ridiculouspletion percentages yet high average yards per attempt often going toe-to-toe with gunslingers like Dan Fouts and winning the statistical battles if not always the games. Unfortunately by 1984 the age and injuries had caught up with Anderson and he retired ceding his spot to a young rocket-armed southpaw named Boomer Esiason who would eventually take the Bengals to another Super Bowl (and lose again to Joe Montana and the 49ers). As much as I like Ken Anderson and feel he was greatly underrated as a QB I think he just manages to scrape the HOF with his wings but no more. I think he was better than the overrated Warren Moon who did italic make the HOF and at least Anderson carried his team to a Super Bowl but his overall stats (exceptpletion pct) can't quite match Moon's admittedly gaudier numbers. And the four year slump in the late 7's (though the lack of any supporting cast didn't help) also counts against him as well. Also not helping was a new crop of quarterbacksing in putting up ridiculous numbers (Dan Marino anyone?) that made Anderson stats pale inparison. Anderson hit the top of his game from 1981-1983 but he was well into his mid-thirties by then and the wear and tear caught up with him pretty quick at the end. Like I said before had he played a couple more years at the top or especially if he had won a Super Bowl he would be a definite candidate. But unless he sneaks in by relaxed criteria or no other worthy contenders for the year (and I would be perfectly happy to see him there) Ken Anderson may remain at the top of the almost-but-not-quite list of potential Hall of Famers.
How is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson able to train at such high intensity at such an old age?
How does he train at such an old age? 48? You must be in your late teens or early 2 to think that 48 is old age. It is never too late to weight train. There are plenty of people out there in their 6 and 7 who train hard. Dwayne Johnson clearly has used performance enhancing drugs to get that physique but as far as training intensity goes you don't need steroids SARMS or growth hormone for that. I am 5 years old and I train hard 4 - 5 times per week. I've been working out hard for the past 12 years and I feel amazing. I don't take anything to aid my workouts other than coffee or the occasional energy drink. Your mind pretty much does what you tell it or believe. This is the year 22. If you still think that 48 is really old then you either haven't been paying attention or have an old school way of thinking. I see a lot more obese and out of shape people between the ages of 2 - 35 than any other age group. At 5 years old I am in better shape than most of the 2 and 3 somethings I encounter and I'm in the medical field. Do I have a Dwayne Johnson physique? No. I am very strong however with a 56 resting heart rate and really low cholesterol and triglycerides. Deadlifts and squats are the fountain of youth if you're physically able to perform them. I also do uphill sprints pullups bench press and any other exercise you can think of. I've never been into CrossFit but it works for many. I eat healthy foods meditate think positive drink a lot of water have a healthy sex life and get plenty of sleep. The bottom line is that the main reason Dwayne Johnson is able to train the way he does is because he chooses to train the way he does. You can take all the steroids and growth hormone you want but if you're not doing the hard work in the gym it won't happen. SPEAK IT BELIEVE IT RECEIVE IT. Check out David Goggins or CT Fletcher on YouTube sometime and change your mindset regarding age. It's an old way of thinking. Good luck.