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Open Quickdraw Picture Mac: What You Should Know

Quicker files are also sometimes referred to as PIC (pixelated or Quicker image) files. Why PICT & Quicker files are different? PICT files are compressed for file size, while Quicker files are not compressed. Because of this, the Quicker files can have a higher bit rate (file size/speed/quality ratio) than similar PICT files. To see the real life usage of the Quicker file type, see my article on Macs used in Adobe InDesign: Quicker or PICT? File Format PICT files are stored as uncompressed bitmap files, whereas Quicker files consist primarily of data. The data is stored in 2 files — PICT images and Quicker image. The two types differ in the way images are stored. The Quicker image file consists of compressed data instead of a compressed bitmap. The file size varies between Quicker image files, typically with a 1:4 compression ratio. The original file in Quicker format is the Quicker PICT file. The Bitmap files are compressed at a 1:2 ratio. The difference in Quicker image files has to do with the type of file format in use at the time. The image data is stored uncompressed in Quicker image format files. The file size (in bytes) may vary between Quicker image file sizes. The largest file (called PICT) size is usually 2.5 MB, whereas the smallest file is as little as 200 bytes. To store a bitmap image in Quicker image format you will need to load several Quicker image objects in Quicker, then use the image viewer's 'load PICT' or 'save PICT' buttons to load all the images in a list. PICT Bitmap image files use an RGB bitmap image format because it is faster than a color image form. PICT images are usually stored in Quicker image format because it provides the best compression ratio. PICT images are not stored with the Quicker data, instead the Quicker image files are stored in Quicker PICT image format. PICT images are sometimes referred to as Quicker graphics.

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