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After updating to iOS 11 most people find that photos in iPhone are saved as HEIC format instead of themon JPG format. HEIC is the new file of photos in iOS 11 short for High Efficient Image Format which is said to probably usurp the popular JPG. But now for iOS users the main problem of this new photo is that HEIC can work on Windowsputers Android devices and other related devices. So to open photos from iOS devices onputer one need to change the format first. Here introduces three free ways for you to convert HEIC to JPG of Photos on iPhone or iPad. Method 1 Turn On Automatic Transfer on iPhone Probably considering that HEIC isn the mostpatible s 276 55
You can do it in the native Photos app (as far as I know). I use a 3rd party app like Lightroom Mobile or something like that. Most are paid apps but there are some free ones out there. Unfortunately I don have a list of 3rd party photo apps for iPhone iPad (Lightroom Mobile is paid; part of Creative Cloud) but Im sure a quick Google search or even browsing the App Store will furnish you with plenty of options.
Q How do I change my iPhone camera settings from HEIC to JPG? How Do I Get My iPhone to Stop Taking HEIC Pictures? To save iPhone and iPad s to JPEG when sending even if the Actual Size quality is selected. OneDrive Camera Upload Similar to Dropbox the OneDrive app can convert your HEIC files to JPEG before uploading. No need to configure anything here however as it converts to JPEG by default. Source How to Save Pictures as JPEG Instead of HEIC on the iPhone s
Just email it the iPhone will automatically convert HEIC to JPEG for you. HEIC does not harm the image at all it is just more efficient than JPEG so it creates a smaller file size without losing quality HEIC allows your iPhone to store more pictures without using as much space as JPEG
Because that the new and improved standard format being used on your iPhone to capture photos. A simple web search for Apple HEIC answers this question far more efficiently and quickly than posting it on Quora and waiting around for me to do that web search for you. Please do yourself and everyone else a favor and RTFM Using HEIF or HEVC media on Apple devices s Upgrade to iOS 11 or later or macOS High Sierra or later to view edit or duplicate HEIF or HEVC media captured with an iOS device. iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra introduced support for these new industry-standard media formats HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) for photos HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) also known as for videos HEIF and HEVC offer betterpression than JPEG and so they use less storage space on your devices and iCloud Photos s while preserving the same visual quality. To fully view edit or duplicate HEIF and HEVC media on your device upgrade to the latest version of iOS 11 or later s or macOS High Sierra or later s . Capturing this media When using iOS 11 or later the following devices can capture media in HEIF or HEVC format. Other devices can view edit or duplicate this media with limitations s#working if using iOS 11 or later or macOS High Sierra or later. iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus or later s iPad (6th generation) or later s#ipad iPad Air (3rd generation) s#ipadair iPad mini (5th generation) s#ipadmini iPad Pro (1.5 inch) s#ipadpro iPad Pro (11 inch) s#ipadpro iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later s#ipadpro Though capturing in HEIF and HEVC format is rmended you can set these devices to capture media using the older formats which are more broadlypatible with other devices and operating systems Go to Settings Camera. Tap Most Compatible. This setting is available only on devices that can capture media in HEIF or HEVC format and only when using iOS 11 or later. Working with this media Support for HEIF and HEVC is built into iOS 11 and later and macOS High Sierra and later letting you view edit or duplicate this media in a variety of apps including Photos iMovie and QuickTime Player. On some older devices support for HEVC is affected by the resolution and frame rate (fps) of the video. Resolutions of 18p or lower and frame rates of 6 fps or lower are more broadlypatible with older devices. To reduce the resolution and frame rate that your capture device s#capture uses for recording video go to Settings Camera Record Video as well as Settings Camera Record Slo-mo. If you're using iCloud Photos with iOS 1 or macOS Sierra you might see a warning icon in the upper-right corner of the photo or video or you might see an alert message. To fully view edit or duplicate HEIF and HEVC media on your device upgrade to iOS 11 or later s or macOS High Sierra or later s . iCloud Photos preserves media in its original format resolution and frame rate. If your device can't fully view edit or duplicate HEIF or HEVC media in iCloud Photos or displays it at a lower resolution upgrade to iOS 11 or later s orufeff macOS High Sierra or later s . When you share media using other methods such as AirDrop Messages or email it might be shared in a morepatible format such as JPEG or depending on whether the receiving device supports the newer media format. Converting this media You can convert HEIF and HEVC media by exporting to a different format from an Apple or third-party app. For example If you open an HEIF image in Photos or Preview on your Mac you can choose File Export then choose a format such as JPEG or PNG before saving. If you open an HEVC video in QuickTime Player on your Mac you can choose File Export As then save to by making sure the HEVC checkbox isn selected. Importing this media via USB When you import HEIF or HEVC media from an attached iOS device to Photos Image Capture or a PC the media might be converted to JPEG or . You can change this import behavior in iOS 11 or later. Go to Settings Photos. In the TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC section tap Keep Originals to prevent the media from being converted to JPEG or when importing. Published Date January 17 22
It wasn a JPEG it was an HEIC. The iPhone 6s introduced Live Photo where all photos are a short movie by default and that is an HEIC file. When you send them to non-Apple devices one frame is extracted and sent as a JPEG but Apple to Apple (as in Airdrop) will be HEIC. Just open the HEIC file on the Mac and export to JPEG. How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac Easily with Preview . You can also export JPEG from Photos. Read more at Take and edit Live Photos s .
Just convert the HEIC formats.