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Questions & answers

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
This no longer works in CS5 so there is a trick for it - Its not a one step process but kind of a workaround really - STEP1 Export all your files as JPEG or PNG. nIf there are lot of files you can do it in one go using File Scripts Load Files into Stack then create a new PSD with all the files you want exported. Then go File Scripts Export Layers to Files and export it as one of the above viewer or I think Word should definitely work. Like you will need to copy all your images in there and then Save as PDF
Unfortunately as far as I know there is no direct way to do so. When you open the PDF with Photoshop it usually ignores the white background but all the elements are on the same layer. You might be able to select each element with any of the Marquee Tools Right Click Layer Via Cut italic . This will cut out the selected area from the background layer and placed it on a new layer. Keep in mind that even if the content of the PDF was vector before opening it in Photoshop now everything is rastermade of pixels; this means that your is not editable. Depending on which program the PDF is made and how it had been saved it might be better to open it in Illustrator (instead of Photoshop). Illustrator might give you possibility to edit the entire PDF or copy the elements and paste each on a new layer in Photoshop.
I would rmend trying out Pocket Scanner s by Kdan Mobile. You can use it on both iPhone and iPad for scanning documents s for JPEGs. You can also improve the quality of JPEGs with various editing options. Besides that another feature enables you to add to your files or markup them if necessary. When you are done with editing you can email your scans out or export them to Cloud storage of your choice. Overall 3 easy to use and reliable app for all your scanning needs. Disclaimer I am part of Kdan team and my answers might be a bit biased. italic
Create a separate Google Doc in landscape format. Edit your landscape doc and download as PDF from Google Doc. Open the PDF and rotate the page 9 degrees so it is now portrait export the PDF as PNG or JPEG with resolution of at least 3 pixels (for print quality). Go to the Google Doc that is in portrait mode insert the image into a page. This is painful but it does allow you to have one Google Doc with some pages in portrait and some in landscape. Obviously you need to repeat the process if you want to edit the landscape page.
Defining features and requirements is important. It's really important. italic You will not build what matters without properly defining the right features. That starts with having a strategy. And that is followed by creating basic user-centric descriptions of features and wireframes and UI designs (known together to some as specs). Historically there were no tools for this integrated of work and product specs lived in email sticky notes and word docs. I have led product and strategy in multiple SaaSpanies and am the CEO of Aha! s I know from experience that clearly defining features and capturing accurate requirements are critical for product managers. That is why we built Aha! it is the one product management tool you need to set strategy define and prioritize features and build visual roadmaps. We have been humbled by the feedback and growth and already serve over 25 users s on many of the world's top product management teams. Aha! is unique in that it starts with strategy and allows you to drill down and define your specs and include your basic design work. It includes Strategy Ex to thepany and product team where you are headed and the value that new releases and features will deliver to customers and the business. Doing so allows your team andpany to follow. Aha! allows you to map strategy s to your releases and features. Features Capture features s and their related stories or requirements as bit-sized chunks instead of long requirements docs. This gives you a record of what customers and other key groups are requesting. It also allows you to incrementally improve these ideas and add additional details over time. Integrated s 136 2774 master_ s zoomable s 144 2772 master_ s zoomable s are uploaded to Aha! everyone on your product team ( that you give permission to italic ) will have access to them. There is no time wasted going back and forth from Aha! to email attachments other tools and file servers. You have one system-of-record for everything that is product related. If you are interested in checking out Aha! there is a 3-day free trial s available.
Wow seeing pieces of advice like try creating screenshots of each page really makes me stop by and drop an answer here. For one or a few files italic nYou can convert PDF to JPG using Adobe Acrobat s . Here's a step-by-step instruction Open your PDF file in Acrobat DC. On the right-hand side there is a toolbar; Select Image JPEG. If necessary click on the Settings icon next to JPEG to change the file color and conversion settings then press OK; If you use another PDF viewer the standard scenario is going to File in the main menu and looking for Export or Save as button. Once you find the JPEG as an output format the problem is solved. For multiple filesn italic Another issue is if you have lots of files to convert. In this case opening each file and doing many mouse clicks to finish the PDF to JPEG export can be very boring and time-consuming! So a batch converter would be a solution to quickly save many files as JPG. There are many online tools out there but I'm really not sure they keep your data safe. So if you have sensitive or financial data in your PDFs I would not suggest using any of them since a document is uploaded to someone's website. How reliable are these sites and services exactly? The best advice I can give is using a PDF to JPEG converter for example DocuFreezer s . It is a lightweight Windows app working offline(!). With it you just drag'n'drop as many files as needed onto the interface select JPEG as output format and hit the Start button. Note Default JPG quality is set to 85% so I suggest changing it to 1% in the settings. As a result all your PDFs will be converted into JPEG images. In the case of a multipage PDF each page will be a separate JPEG file. Disclaimer I work in apany which created DocuFreezer.