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Image Size Reducer: What You Should Know

You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P to change picture characteristics to Compress all Pictures. The file size of your picture will be smaller and the image quality will be better. Roughly Compressor — Resize JPEG, WebP, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PSD images Compress and Save JPG files, JPEG, WebP, PSD, TIFF and BMP images using Roughly Compressor. Compressing or saving a picture of a particular size for a specific network device, PC, or mobile device. You will be able to save the compressed version of the image when you view it in a file manager program. Compress PNG and GIF Files Online Compress both PNG and GIF format images with Roughly Compressor. Compress your pictures in Microsoft Office, on the Ribbon, Select File > Compress Pictures, or Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C to save the compressed version of the image. Compress Video Files Online Compress video files using Roughly Video Compressor. Create a compressed file by saving the video as a video file, selecting a video codec under View, then selecting Compress Video. The compression of the file will reduce the amount of disk access, allowing you to save disk space and the downloading of your video.

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