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I am currently using press png Images online and this one is my favourite as I have several options. It allows to upload files s zip folder and many more options and best part is quality and size. I havepared with many online tools and in most of the cases it gives bestpression and best quality so now I don't go here and there and directly use this. If any other better you know kindly share
1. s It is an impressive and useful online tool for entirely reducing the size of to your friends and families. But the process of uploading needs wait longer than . 3. JPEGReducer JPEGReducer is an interesting website option topress JPEG photo size into 5 s on Mac. You are save the one you prefer to obtain. The operation of it is also easy you have to upload a JPEG file from your Mac or enter a URL. The max size is 2 MB. Next press Reduce It the page will automatically jump. Then you can view the reduced JPEG size onputer Mac user can use it as well. You need select a JPEG file from your Mac that you wish to optimize. And then define Compression Level -99 and New Photo Width in Pixels. At last click Optimize Photo to get your new JPEG photo for displaying on the internet. Pay attention that it needs take several moments topress large photos. 5. Optimizilla Among all free online s at a clip. After finishingpressing files press thumbnails in the queue for quality setting. One marvelous characteristic of Optimizilla is that you have the right to adjust the quality of JPEG images. You can set the value directly or move on the slider from 1-1 on your Mac the JPEG file size will be reduced as you wish. From 5 Free Online Methods to Reduce JPEG Files Size s
If you are looking for a lossypression s tool then I think it is very hard to beat Image Compressor Compress JPG & PNG size restrictions and they don. Plus ImageResize has an algorithm which determines better suitedpression methods depending on previouspression done to your images.
As photos s You do not want to experience loss of visitors due to s on your website make sure to use proper tools for converting. First things first you have to make sure that you are using the right format of the s and logos PNG is used lastly for small videos make sure the format is in GIF and not MP4. There are a few methods you can use to optimize your and makes a file smaller. b) WordPresspression plugins. WordPress has various optimization plugins and the choice is yours. They are handy as these plugins optimize the s 313 53
There are a number of ways to reduce the filesize of a photo largely depending on the file and desired quality. Here are the main governing factors Image Resolution (that is in terms of pixels or dimensions often also called Image Size) Image Quality Compression File format JPEG is by far the most popular format for photos so Ill talk more about it below but before that let get some of the others out of the way. PNG TIFF PSD PNG (Portable Network Graphics) TIFF and PSD (Photoshop file) are file formats that support losslesspression. That is you canpress them without losing quality. However you will see limited gainspared to lossypression formats. The simplest way to reduce the file size for these is to reduce the resolution italic or the number of pixels. So if your manipulation tools such as Photoshop and ImageMagick. For PNG files you can use a tool such as pngquant - lossy PNGpressor s to reduce the size which removes some data without any noticeable difference. JPEG JPEG has its limitations such as lack of support for transparency though it is much more versatile in other ways. It is a lossy format so increasingpression can permanently reduce some of the quality. Recent versions however allow you to reduce the file size withoutpromising on quality. As with the other formats reducing the resolution is the easiest way to reduce the file size. This can be achieved with the aforementioned such as when where or how it was created) to get smaller photos. The tool I like to use for this is Optimize JPEG - Resize and reduce photos s . It allows you to set the desired quality and size (in terms of pixels) as well as choose to remove or keep the metadata. You can thenpare both the s. WebP support was previously limited but almost every popular browser now supports it. Unlike JPEG it can even do transparency.
You can use MEncoder MEncoder is capable of creating movies from one or more JPEG PNG TGA or other (s) with libjpeg (when decoding PNGs it will use libpng).n Examples. The explanation of the -mf option is in the man page. Creating an upressed file from all the PNG files in the current directory mencoder mf*.png -mf w=8h=6fps=25=png -ovc raw -oac copy -o Creating a Motion PNG (MPNG) file from all the PNG files in the current directorynmencoder mf*.png -mf w=8h=6fps=25=png -ovc copy -oac copy -o Note italic n Width must be integer multiple of 4 it is a limitation of the RAW RGB AVI format. italic
This is a fascinating question. I read its answer a couple of months ago THE EXACT EXPLANATORY ANSWER . Without wasting any time let me share it with you. I want to set something clear here though were not reallyparing Apples-to-Apples so let define some technologies first. How Mario Works So let talk about how the original Super Mario game worked from an asset perspective. The original NES console was only designed to output that needed to be displayed to the screen was 18kb in size. Besides that the NES only had 2kb of RAM. A cartridge itself could could hold 8k to 1mb of game data. So there was no way to fit the entire game contents into main memory. Basically a subset of the 1MB cartridge data must be loaded into the 2kb RAM and used to render the 18kb screen. How does one achieve that? SpriteSheets s%2puter_graphics%29 . Sprite sheets contain small tiles of graphics that are re-used over and over again. For example below is a remake of the original super mario sprite sheet It not the exact original sprite sheet but you can get a sense of the small blocks of data that can be use over-and-over again. Each small 16x16 pixel square represents a tile and artists would string these together to create the actual levels. The levels themselves just became a giant 2D array of indexes into the sprite sheet. (I talk about this in a lot more detail in Lesson 3 of my HTML5 Game Development course @ Udacity s or in my book HTML5 Game Development Insights .) Tack on some Run-Length-Encoding s or some basic LZ77 s and you get a fairlypact format for levels. Behold that level that you parents could neverplete. So with concepts like tile-sheets and sprite-sheets we can use a small set of pression. How Images arepressed Here the not fair italic part of thisparison. Generic ; Besides some color quantization there no real logic added to determine if another 16x16 block could be an exact duplicate italic of the current one. This generally means there a lower-bound on how a given block of data ispressed. For example JPG s breaks a given s 325 474 A much betterparison. The . kkrieger s demo fit 3 minutes of a 3D shooter gameplay with physics sound ures and AI into 64kb of data. Seems like a massive amount of gain for just 24kb more than the original Mario. It just goes to show with the right amount of foreknowledge about your data you can do great things withpression. Source Where do all the bytese from? Free Code Camp s#.fxlrfohvy Hope this information is enough to understand the black magic behind Mario.
The question is Everyputer file is made up of binary digits and is a number. Why can't we just divide that number by 2 (or even something larger like 1) to get a smaller number which will take less space (bits) to store? italic The question starts with the wrong premise. Computers rarely work with binary. Most of the instructions and operations aputer performs work on are in powers of base-256 (8 bits). Unfortunately pedagogy and popular culture are stuck on the binary term which has been over applied. Yes there are situations where binary is appropriate - but theyre rare. And yes you can offer a simplified explanation that everything is ultimately based on binary mathematics and representations. But it rare that knowing how a twosplement binary representation of a number appears when represented as a unsigned binary representation is really dealing with a pathological condition. The smallest addressable unit of memory (for most CPU instructions) is an 8 bit quantity capable of representing 256 distinct symbols. Some instructions even allow an implicit ordering too such that one symbol is greater (in aparison) than another. Most CPU also offer 16-bit units (with similar numericparisons) for base-65536 32 bit representations for base-4294967296 and perhaps even larger. (And floating point representations areplicated synthetic representations much like base-1 exponential notation with a sign exponent and mantissa.) Computer files are usually held (eventually) on some kind of storage that retains the values even after electrical power is removed. That kind of storage is in terms of blocks - often a power of two multiple - like 512 or 496 or 16384. The representation of a file as a stream of 8-bit octets is done by imposing a structure based on that underlying block unit for a particular filesystem. horizontal-rule In short my diatribe is that exingputer information handling in terms of binary data is as helpful as exing biology in terms of quantum physics and ignoring basic chemistry (much less organic chemistry.) horizontal-rule To use a different metaphor aputer file can be considered like a pad of paper. There an order to the pad (first page second page etc.) But the contents expressed on the paper can be simple or an enhanced sort of (with letters or underlining) or a form to fill out or a picture etc. Some of the data can be represented in ways that can bepressed to fit more information in the same space. One form ofpression (of ) is to use variable-length symbols where the mostmon symbols (letters) are the shortest and the leastmon are the longest. Morse Code does this. The letter E is the shortest code in Morse. Another way is to name an object instead of describing it. 5 inch radius circle takes up a LOT less space than a drawing of a 5 inch radius circle. horizontal-rule If all you care about are the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet and 1 arabic numerals you have only 36 symbols to distinguish. But if your includes lower case and capital letters as well as punctuation and other graphic symbols then things be moreplicated. If you want to represent other alphabets or systems of writing - things be VERYplicated and won be representable by a base-256 symbol set. If the symbols span multiple languages then using variable length encoding might not even produce an optimalpression for any one language. horizontal-rule But that even more fuel for my binary terrible pedagogy diatribe.