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Caesium Image Compressor For Mac: What You Should Know

The  Cesium Image Compressor is a free, open source image compressor that  can reduce the size of your pictures up to 90% without loss from the original quality. The program can reduce the images size without making them  larger, preserving the aspect ratio and pixel density.


How can I make my WooCommerce site faster?
Having a speedy store is a no-brainer if you want people to shop around on your site and buy more of your products. According to usability research 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 4% of people will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. In order to increase the loading speed of your website you can apply some simple hack and make your site running. Only Use Good Quality Hosting With an upgraded hosting plan your store will have more space to grow and will load faster and more efficiently for customers. Always Optimize and Compress Images Image-heavy stores can take forever to load. For every image that another HTTP request 3 and more time your customers have to wait around for pages to load. The easiest way to add lazy loading to your store is with WP Rocket. Use a Content Delivery Network CDNs have helped solved the internet problem of geographical distance between users and servers. So if you have a lot of customers based in other countries it worth investing in a good CDN. Use a Quality Caching Plugin Caching is a great step for store owners who want to easily and affordably speed up their store. Essentially a caching plugin creates and stores a static version of your store so when a customer returns to shop with you again they will see a cached version of your product pages. When using a caching plugin for your WooCommerce site make sure you exclude these pages from the cache Cart My Account Checkout Always Stay Up-To-Date if youre running an older version of WooCommerce or out-of-date extensions now the time to start regularly updating your store (and keeping regular backups). Disable AJAX Cart Fragments It rmended that if you use cart fragment plugin you either disable it selectively on certain pages or make sure you enable the redirect to cart option in WooCommerce settings so that when a customer adds a product to their cart they are automatically redirected to the cart page automatically. Otherwise they may get confused about why their chosen product hasn been added to the cart. Optimize Your Store Database WP Rocket provides database optimization 3 just click on Database in the WP Rocket settings to access this easy-to-use feature. In order to clean up your database simply check the options you want to sweep and click save and optimize. WP Rocket will then get to work optimizing your database. A Fast Store is a Good Store Speeding up your online store will not only keep your customers happy anding back for more but will hopefully encourage more sales and help your store grow.
What's a good file size for sending a pitch deck around?
Think about how your receiver reads your pitch deck? Who is your audience? There is no right or wrong to send a pitch deck. But you need to find a way to measure success and manage files efficiently. Let's go further from a technical perspective Compress your pitch deck Tools like Wpress can help you minimize file size and you canpress a large pitch deck into less than 5MB easily. This will avoid your file being recalled via email or going to the spam folder. File format Do not send the PPTX format. Exporting pitch deck in PDF format allows you to maintain design quality and small file size. Also enables universal readability on almost any operating system or device. Use cloud storage or temporary attachments Create a public in Dropbox so your receiver doesn't have to download your files. You can always update your pitch deck at the back. Or WeTransfer is very useful for sending large file sizes without hurting someone and your mailbox. Measuring success Want to know if your receiver has opened your email files downloads views etc? You can create full clarity by installing email trackings such as HubSpot or Streak to help you analyze open and clickthrough rates. Combining Dropbox s with Bitly gives you a better understanding of channels clicks and timeframes. Make sure your files are secure and always have the right to control the documentation. Don't expect people to open your email and provide instant responses. Prepare multiple follow-up actions and professionally trigger the next steps. I wish all the best.
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