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What is the best tool or software for making a digital magazine?
Creating a digital magazine is often a derivative of the magazine design and layout software utilized. While larger publisher utilize aplete digital workflow I guess you are designing a digital only publication. Here some ideas on the conversion of a print layout magazine design to a digital magazine followed by some rmendations for a responsive digital magazine similar to a project Ive recently launched. Most digital magazines today are converted to digital versions of print layout magazines. Some publishers even promote their PDF as their digital edition or if they didn print the publication it has been labeled as a digital magazine. From this standpoint the digital magazine software is really just the actual desktop publishing design software (typically Adobe InDesign) to create the magazine PDF. Once saved out as a PDF the entire array of PDF to digital edition software platforms be the key to create the digital magazine. These digital edition publishing tools such as Zmags Bluetoad Uberflip Flippingbook Joomag Nxtbook Pagesuite and Issuu have been very popular in the past few years. Ive heard many good things about how these digital editions platforms have served publishers as their digital replicas. But there are challenges with editorial layout and digital enhancement simply due to the fixed structure of moving print layout design to a digital format. For example to insert a video youve got to cover something that was already designed in print unless you insert pages and use an animation or slide panel. With the rise of mobile app adoption designers can also look at that medium for a digital only magazine. This works great if you arefortable with the steps to register as a developer on Android or iOS app platforms. Digital edition solution vendors sometimes include these options or dedicated app development partners like Mag2go and Mag+ can manage this process. The challenges for apps is the newsstand structure multiple issues and subscription payments if the content is subscription only access. However these processes allows for getting the additional multimedia element on the page or in the feature expansion allocated to the improved article content presentation. So what if that same content engagement experience was available for web? To me this makes perfect sense as we wouldn need to focus on the device and could just focus on responsive content structure as we design the issue. Many digital edition publishing solutions have started thinking about this responsive content flow presentation so that separate mobile themes and presentation are not required to view the digital editions on mobile in apletely different format from desktop. Many solutions providers in this space already focus on small to mid sized publishers that aren utilizing a full digital publishing suites with cross-channel publishing tools as part of that workflow. I recently launched VERTIQUL s as a full service solution where all the production is performed for the publisher using their content for digital only or transition from print layout editions. This solution makes sense for publisher who already have a publishing business model or a budget to build the first issue and publication website. Here our proto issue World Travel Excursion Magazine Digital Editions s . Nothing is programmatic or auto tiled and every issue is hand crafted for the vertical content orientation. I believe this is the future for digital publishing and content and even write a magazine definition that leave out the requirement for magazine being sent to a printer. A periodicpilation of sequenced relative materials and edited content published in a designed format - David Blankenship italic If you are self building a digital magazine issue from the ground up perhaps lucidpress or are SAAS options that get you to a traditional page layout. And if youve got some experience with HTML CSS and photoshop you could leverage desktop publishing with editorial design layouts and start building your own vertical editions. If you are starting a magazine don forget all the other elements to give your publication the right balance of advertising and stories. Hopefully several advertisers buy into the value of having an ad within your magazine and you can generate some revenue even if the publication is a hobby or special interest. I can imagine weve only seen the tip of the iceberg on new tools that will emerge to help publishers with very specific needs in the array of simple DIY tools to Full Service Solutions including support for a formal publishing business model.
What apps should i install on a tablet to use it as an e-reader?
Hi Muhammed... I use THREE pieces of reading software on my Android phone and tablet. horizontal-rule My primary reading tool is GOOGLE PLAY BOOKS. I tend to buy most of my books nowadays from the Google Play Store. I generally find that they're a dollar or two cheaper than Kindle books and sometimes they're MUCH cheaper. horizontal-rule My secondary reading tool is Amazon Kindle. I've got loads of Kindle books and the app is an excellent reader. Sometimes Kindle is the only place stocking a particular title. So that's why I use both ecosystems. horizontal-rule The third app on my devices is ALDIKO BOOK READER PREMIUM. This is supplemented by two other apps... ALDIKO SYNC and CALIBRE COMPANION. The sync app keeps my place in whatever book I'm reading in Aldiko synced across my devices. So if I stop reading on my phone and pick up my tablet I don't have to hunt for my place. I use CALIBRE COMPANION to give me cloud access to my pc-based CALIBRE library. CALIBRE is a free and open source library management tool (for Windows Mac Linux). I use it to store aplete catalogue of all of my purchased books in Dropbox. I also use CALIBRE to strip the DRM from every book I buy. I'm old school. I believe that the book I'm purchasing is kinda the same as those things one buys in a bookstore. You'll have to do your own research to find out how to strip DRM. Use this search string in Google as your starting point Calibre strip drm scripts. I also use CALIBRE to convert my Kindle books to the ePub format which is what ALDIKO uses. Suffice to say that all of my books are available to be read in ALDIKO. If you don't want the hassle of that third option you'll bepletely fine with Google Play Books and the Kindle app. Enjoy!