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How To Share PDF File In Android Programmatically: What You Should Know to the activity, click on the action with share file, and you will get share file on your home screen. Sharing files on android applications — Tips and suggestions How to display list of files received through android or how to display lists of files and folders on Android app? — What's the best way to share the PDF files in Android? — Android Developers In Android, when you are sending multiple files, you can use a file browser inside the app to sort the files by size, rename, etc. Can also display the contents of all files received on an Android device (for example, on iPhone) in the folder. -- Android Developers A file browser for Android, similar to the Windows 7 file explorer, is not available in the Market of Android. However, Android users can find several applications that use a similar concept in their free time. How to store a PDF file from Android? — Android Developers can easily manage their PDF files on the fly. You could put all your PDF files into a single folder. The folders could be located in your home folder or in another folder. Then, you would have only to open it when you have a new PDF file that you want to work on or when you see an existing one that you want to work on. You could also open it directly on your device using the browser. However, if you were going to store the PDF in the cloud, the PDF file would be sent as a file. What are my options to view, copy, email and print these files, in Android? — Android Developers You can view, copy, email and print any content that came with the PDF you have just received. However, you need to have a content provider, such as a storage service or cloud service, in place that can send PDFs to your device.

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