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I have recently added PDF Viewer in my android app. I am assuming that you are familiar with android studio. Here are some steps. 1 - Create a project 2 - app - manifests - - add user permission
My desktop just like most of the other desktops in the answer here has been customised with Rainmeter. I have been using my PC with my desktop looking like this since December 216 with a few editing now and then. I will include theponents used to make this skin in the later part of the answer. But first the screen shots. I have given a line or two as explanation for each picture telling as to how they function. Please do read that. This is the screen Im greeted with whenever I log to my PC. I have a hoard of startup applications so this takes some time to load Hence I almost never Switch Off my PC I always Hibernate it. The outermost circle having those icons is called the Steam Wheel from there I can access most of my applications and folders directly. The thinner inner arcs inside the Steam Wheel shows my PC stats like CPU Usage CPU temperature GPU temperature RAM usage and Hard Drive usage. The temperature function needs an additional software called Speedfan from which the Rainmeter derives its values. The full grey wheel inside the PC stats is a music duration bar which is ed with iTunes and so is the song info and Music control icons inside it. The name duration album and artist details are available inside the music duration circle. The circular arcs between the music circle and the clock is purely aesthetic nature and spin around in circles. (Observe the positions of the arcs in each of the following pictures). Also the iTunes Mini-Player has been placed at the bottom of the screen. The top right has a To-Do list. And the bottom-right has a Corner Calendar. The wallpaper is a hexagonal theme gray wallpaper. (I am a huge fan of anything hexagonal). The font for all has been set to Denmark Medium. Also notice the lack of a taskbar. More on that in the uing pictures. The version of Steam wheel that I used had lot of other tabs and such which I disliked so I simply deleted from the code and made it simpler. Around the Steam wheel is a music visualiser which gives visualisation effects for any sound from the PC. Also notice how the music duration circle reduces in the course of music playback. The task bar on my PC is not located down but rather on the left hand side. The taskbar has been set to a Hide setting and appears only when I move my mouse to the edge of the left hand side. Also notice a small black semicircle at the middle of the right hand screen edge. More on that in the next picture. (NOTE The semicircle isn there in the first 2 pictures as I had just switched on PC from Shut down instead of Hibernate as there were a few updates to install. Hence I forgot about enabling that before taking screen shots.) Upon hovering above the semi-circle it expands to give an array of gaming-related options including Live stream screen capture record and more. The application is not a Rainmeter related one and is known as Overwolf. Using a 3rd party application called ClassicShell. Which again is not related to rainmeter. I was able change the colour and increase the transparency of the taskbar which is now a blur semi-see through. Back to the desktop screen if I hover anywhere on the right-edge of the screen other than the Overwolf circle I am greeted with a list of games which I own which I can click to launch the game. (Very handy if your mom sets a limit of 1hr to play games and you don want to waste a single second of it!). Not only that hovering on the game titles before clicking will reveal a fullscreen s I have set for each of the games can be viewed below in the pictureposite of all the 17 games. Please open the s 5587 7781 master_ s zoomable posite from the screen shots of the 17 games listed in my GameView. Please download or open it in a new tab to have a closer look. Although a bit away from desktop. This is a part of my PC setup. This is the Chrome browser with an extension called FVD Speed Dial which allows you to have quick tabs and widgets like this along with a FVD Speed Dialpatable wallpaper. Also notice how in every screenshot the iTunes mini-Player is visible this is because of a setting in iTunes which enables it to remain on top of everything always. One last way I have edited my PC - I have changed the like Hello! italic Preparing Security options italic Shutting down italic Preparing to Hibernate italic And things as such which appear when you login press Ctrl+Alt+Del Click Shutdown or Hibernate into things like Preparing initial boot italic System is ready! Jump right in! italic Just a sec Gathering Security options italic Goodbye! Im Gonna miss you ( italic And things like that horizontal-rule A few others have mentioned the need to clean up their desktop and stuff. But thanks to the nature of my theme I never save anything on desktop and save valuable hours sitting and going through all those temporarily required files that you needed in the long gone by era. Instead I save the temporarily required files in a folder in my drive which just like Recycle bin I clear every once in awhile. So I have all files that need to be deleted in one place and all other files sorted put into their respective folders neatly. And all I need to do is a Ctrl+A and Del. No sorting no fuss. But since my older PC was managed fully by my Dad I have my Home 1 and Home 2 Drives still very messy. Some photo folders are present in multiple places and occupy loads of space. There are so many unwanted files also. Im in the process of clearing them this summer and hope to save up to 531% of my Hard drive space which is around 233GB of space. Note I have edited almost all of the rainmeter skins to change the font and get the greyscale colourbination. So the actual skin s I will be putting will be a little different from the mine. And if I have to upload these as my skins I am required to take permission from the ones I borrowed the skins from. So I am sorry I can not give my skins here. But rainmeter isn hard and one should be able to use it easily. It uses INI and Lua for creating the theme whose difficulty level is almost at par with HTML. horizontal-rule Now the s to theponents Rainmeter The base application for all this customisation. Rainmeter desktop customization tool s The Circular theme containing Steam wheel Circular The Visualiser VisBubble VisBubble Round Visualizer for Rainmeter The Note at the top right corner SmartNote 1. SmartNote 1. The Corner Calendar 2.3 Corner Calendar 2.3 The Gameview 3 Gameview 3 Overwolf Overwolf ClassicShell ClassicShell Start menu and other Windows enhancements SpeedFan SpeedFan Access temperature sensor in yourputer To change the colour just refer to this HTML Color Chart - Decimal - by VisiBone Using that you can change the colour of the font by editing the colour values. Also Overwolf ClassicShell and SpeedFan do not require Rainmeter so anyone who is interested in those but not rainmeter can still use them. horizontal-rule Edit 1 (3-Apr-217) I found Rashmi Ranjan Bisoi answer answer aid 4173777 to this same question very appealing to me and hence have added the Seda theme for the Windows Explorer. This theme is independent of Rainmeter. Rest of my theme is still the same with the addition of a new look for my windows explorer Link Please refer to Rashmi Ranjan Bisoi's answer to What does your desktop screen look like? answer aid 4173777 for the Seda theme s. Thanks to Rashmi Ranjan Bisoi user 53919622 for the answer. horizontal-rule Edit 2 (1-May-217) I didn quite like the green icon pack so I switched it with a similar grey one called Fetch iPack by neiio. Also I have used another software of neiio called Blank It which removed the refresh and drop down menu in the address bar as I have never used them. This theme is independent of Rainmeter. Links Fetch iPack by neiio Fetch iPack Blank It by neiio Blank It horizontal-rule Edit 3 (27-Jul-217) Thanks to Tamoghna Chowdhury user 63952355 for valuable edits and factual corrections. horizontal-rule Edit 4 (15-Jan-218) Corrected non-working for Circular theme
In the last few days Google has updated many of its apps to facilitate the users and developers with more advanced amenities. Below are some best Android apps made by Google. Google Classroom Google classroom is a popular platform of Google for education services. It a web-based tool that allows everyone to create and teach a class across all devices without a G Suite for education account. The app is also available to use on Android s play store. Classroom doesn limit itself by providing tutorial articles or YouTube channel. People who are excited to share their knowledge can add resources interact with students and post tasks and assignment for them as they progress through the lessons. Google Assistant Initially Google has launched its new Assistant for Pixel and Home. Gradually thepany has expanded its wings and started offering the Assistant for other platforms too. Now they have launched a preview of the Assistant SDK for developers so that they can integrate it with their hardware. With the help of Deeplocal Google has created a colorful mocktail mixture powered by the AI. The users simply need to tell the Assistant what of drink they want and they can have it right up. Google Trips Several new updates released by Google for its highly popular travel planner app Trips s . The app is available on both Android s and iOS s app stores. Along with flight information now the app fetches bus and train reservation info from users Gmail accounts. The app lets you share your travel information with your contacts. Moreover apart from sharing information the app helps you in planning out your activities across your destination in offline mode. To learn about the latest updates of Google Trips in brief you can visit the article u2aPlan Your Next Vacation with Google Trips! s Google Earth All we know from the recent updates that Google Earth is now supported by the Chrome browser along with mobile and desktop applications. The app is available on iOS s and Android s platform. Another update is users can see the 3D map of selected locations. The app enables users to view more details about a particular landscape than the satellite view. Google Earth also contains a new section named Voyager that facilitates users with an interactive tour of exciting places replete with rich media including Street View and 36-degree imaginary. Google Auto-Translated Google has introduced multilingual support though its Google Auto-Translated so users can have all the information in their native language. Now it bes easy for travelers to find out the best destinations to visit and things to do in an unknown city. YouTube Kids The famous YouTube Kids s app is now available on a few smart TVs of differentpanies such as Samsung LG web OS and Sony. Now children can enjoy watching their favorite shows and videos on the big screen. It is one of the best products from Google that is specially designed for children and contains kid-friendly curated content. Google PhotoScan With Google PhotoScan s you can snap glare free pictures with just one tap. When you have appropriate lighting you can turn off glare removal and simply scan the print in one step. The app is available to download on both Android s and iOS s . Well you can avail the regular benefits of PhotoScan such as image straightening rotating cropping edge detections to the correct orientation. I hope my this collection help you to know about best apps made by Google. Reference article Let See What Google Up To These Days! s Have a happy time with Google apps! )
Well. Google I guess. They have published lot more apps apart from which we generally use. There are about 71 apps as of now up and running on Google Play Store. Here's the listn1. Googlen2. Google Chrome Browser. Google keyboardn4. Google+n5. Google Now Launchern6. Google PDF Viewern7. Google Calendarn8. Google Photosn9. Google Text-to-Speechn1. Google Driven11. Google Play Musicn12. Gmailn13. Google Talkbackn14. Google Play Newsstandn15. Google Mapsn16. Google Translaten17. Google Handwriting Inputn18. Google Fitn19. Google Play Booksn2. Hangoutsn21. Google Play Movies & TVn22. Google Play Gamesn23. Google Keepn24. Android Device Managern25. Snapseedn26. Google Gogglesn27. Google Docsn28. Google News & Weathern29. Google Hindi Input. Messenger1. Google Classroom2. Cloud Print3. My Maps4. Google Sheets5. Hangout Dialer6. My Tracks7. Google Slides8. Googlr Authenticator9. Chrome Remote Desktopn4. Google Apps Device Policyn41. Google Street Viewn42. Google Fibern43. Inbox by Gmailn44. Androidifyn45. Google My Businessn46. Chrome I 215n47. Chrome Betan48. Google Adsensen49. Google Adminn5. Google Pinyin Inputn51. ChromeCastn52. YouTube Creator Studion53. Google ONn54. Google Gesture Searchn55. Chrome Devn56. Google Korean Inputn57. Google Japanese Inputn58. Bloggern59. Adwords Expressn6. MyGlassn61. Adwordsn62. Cardboard Design Labsn63. Screenwise Paneln64. Android TV Remote controln65. Interactive Eventsn66. Android For Workn67. Intersection Explorern68. BrailleBackn69. Google Zhuyin Inputn7. Google Cantonese Inputn71. Google Analytics Anybody ever tried Inbox? An alternative to their own Gmail. However it's still in Beta I guess. Google Snapseed is one of the best photo editing app I ever used. Cardboard Simply Great! There are lot more on store and every single is worth a try. Hit Google in Play Store and explore the best of Google.
Alfresco is open source and can create previews for a lot of different file formats including doc docx xls xlsx ppt pptx odt PDF rtf txt and more. So you could install Alfresco on a server and query it using an Alfresco WebScript. Alfresco previews are actually PDFs transformed to SWF and SWF is not good for Android so you need to catch the file at the PDF stage it might require to create a new Alfresco WebScript (which is relatively easy). While Alfresco is mainly written in Java (and thus portable to Android) I believe that the transformation part of Alfresco is not written in Java. Headless LibreOffice for Android would allow for offline DOC2HTML- operations. LibreOffice is getting ported to Android s but it is not ready yet and it will probably take a while before it is available headless. Depending on whether you can work online or not might certainly narrow some of your based on OpenOffice is a good starting point - that would let you get the various document formats rendered well into PDF for view-only ability. You could use JODConverter (opensource) or Docmosis mercial) to do this. If you wanted to go to HTML5 display instead IDRSolutions jPDF2html5 mercial) converter is good. If you have time you could roll your own REST API over a converter service and host it yourself based on the same technologies. The LEADTOOLS Android SDK s contains Android native libraries which you can use to render your document formats in a viewer on the device itself so that you don't have to worry about a web service performing the conversion for you. The LEADTOOLS Android SDK also contains viewer controls for loading your documents along with allowing you to pan on the loaded documents as well to give a better viewing experience. We have some Android demos on the Google Play Store which show the viewer functionality. If you are leaning more towards the web hosting and just having a webview the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK s is a great document viewer solution that contains back end services for performing the conversion from your document file formats to a browser supported MIME for viewing in the browser. We have an online demo of the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Document Viewer as well.
Facebook (social media) Instagram (images sharing) Twitter (where things happen) Amazon (shopping) Snapdeal (shopping) Swift Keyboard (best keyboard) VLC Media Player (audio and video player) Gmail (emails) UC Browser (browser) Google Drive (cloud storage) Ganaa (online songs streaming) Google Play Store (for books apps games movies) BookMyShow ( movies show bookings) Free charge (recharge) Google Translator (language) Hotstar (watching cricket movies serial) Uber (online taxi booking) Parallel Space (creating second account for any app) Skype (video call) MakeMyTrip (flight hotel booking) Es File Explorer (best file explorer) Foodpanda (food delivery) Your Banking App ordered-list Well there are many more apps. But I think these are the most popular and best apps for their respective purposes and to satisfy your daily needs. Thanks for reading..
For me must have means helpful easy and necessary for daily life. There are actually some android apps in my list. And I think you may already installed some of the following apps. Entertainment YouTube You can have fun exploring videos you love more easily and quickly than before. Just tap an icon or swipe to switch between rmended videos your subscriptions or your account. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels create playlists edit and upload videos express yourself withments or shares cast a video to your TV and more 3 all from inside the app. Netflix Netflix is the world leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere anytime. Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone. Games Love Balls It's time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls! The rule's easy just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls you will need your wisdom and imagination. You'll surely love this game once you get how it works! Helix Jump Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth. One-tap easy-to-learn controls rich visual effects and addictive game play mechanics Lifestyle Tinder Tinder is the world most popular app for meeting new people. If you want to meet new people expand your social network meet locals when youre traveling or just live in the now youvee to the right place. Music Pandora Music Pandora gives you a personalized music experience that continually evolves with your tastes. Create stations from your favorite songs artists or genres. Or search browse to find rmended stations for your mood or activity. Spotify Music With Spotify you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Want to discover new music? Choose a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or get personalized rmendations. News Twitter From breaking news and entertainment to sports politics and everyday interests when it happens in the world it happens on Twitter first. See all sides of the story. Join the conversation. Watch live streaming events. Twitter is what happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. Shopping Amazon Shopping The Amazon Shopping app lets you shop millions of products and manage your Amazon orders from anywhere. Browse shop by departmentpare prices read reviews share products with friends and check the status of your orders. Wish Wish is a mobile shopping app that lets you shop over 1 million high-quality items at 6-9% off! Social Facebook (No need to ex I think) WhatsApp (No need to ex I think) Instagram Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world moments. Follow your friends and family to see what theyre up to and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join themunity of over 1 billion people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day the highlights and everything in between too. Travel Google Maps Google Maps makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there. Uber Uber is a ridesharing app for fast reliable rides in minutesday or night. There no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber you just tap to request a ride and it easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities. Whether youre going to the airport or across town there an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 63+ cities worldwidedownload the app and take your first trip today. Airbnb Unforgettable travel experiences start with Airbnb. Find travel adventures and new places to go far away or near to you and access vacation home rentals new experiences and places to visit all around the world. Book everything for your trip or start earning money as a host. Booking The highest rated travel app and join thousands of people finding hotel motel and holiday home travel deals. Find a stay for your holiday weekend getaway or business trip anywhere in the world! Weather Yahoo Weather It helps you prepare for your day with the most accurate hoy 5-day and 1-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location time of day and current conditions. NOAA Weather Radar. Weather Radar is a powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on your device. Make the most of the real-time HD animated radar images on a highly responsive interactive map. Severe weather alerts and accurate weather info for your exact location won't let bad weather take you by surprise!
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