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Hello everyone this is Andrew from Tech Talk today I'm going to be showing you how to turn a PDF file into a JPEG file so first what you're gonna need to do is find the PDF file that you would like to turn into a JPEG file you're gonna open that in your preview right here and what you're gonna do you're gonna hit file you're gonna export that file and then you're gonna go to format you can change the name or any tags where you would like it to save and you go to format here though you're gonna go up to JPEG I'm gonna select that you can sell it select the quality that you would like you can change your resolution the pixels so and so forth we're gonna hit save close this and you can see that it has saved to our downloads folder a JPEG version of this exact artwork you can do that multiple times it'll save whatever screen you're currently on in your PDF so for instance with this we have multiple different slides that we can do we're gonna do just another one right here I'm gonna go back up file export JPEG save I'm gonna replace this one you see right there you have this second one thanks for watching this video feel free to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any of our other tutorials hit that like button as well and have a great day.